Getting all geared up for Halloween?  Denver Mamas, I'll be thinking of you this weekend, and I hope you're heading over to Old South Gaylord St.  My fav.


Um.  It does get kinda crazy, though.  A little secret?  I have beer in that cup.  (Shhh…we kept it stashed in the trunk.) We were accosted by parents the entire time, wondering where the beer tent was, LOL.  This year they are adding a pet parade.  (M!  How cute would Henry and Obi be?)  The pic above is obviously from 2 years ago (when I attempted the owl costume)…last year I was too pregnant to move and R refused to dress up.  

But this is my year, so to speak.  I'm not a huge costume person (M has all the good ideas in this department), but I do remember feeling like a party pooper with no semblance of a costume.  My friend Amanda did it perfectly:


Isn't she cute?  So of course I blatently copied her.

  Photo (7)

Found on Etsy, of course.

However, Raines is currently saying that he wants to be Hercules this year.  Yeah, yeah…we've heard it before.  After last year we're not holding our breath.  We'll just wait until the day minute it's time to costume, and figure it out.  But the kid does seem serious.  He's assigned us all costumes.  Mike must be Pegasus (um…any ideas, crafty mamas?), I must be a princess wearing this dress specifically, and little P must wear Raines' old lion costume.  

But if R backs out on the big day, I'll just wear a cute little mask. I know Mike is dying to wear the Spiderman one anyway (he's a comic geek, Spiderman especially) and we'll go explore one of the cool-sounding events that Philly Parent Circle has featured. Any recommendations, Philly Mamas?

Happy Halloween!  We'd love to see what you're wearing this Halloween….so feel free to upload some cute costume pics (of you, the kiddos, both…) onto our Facebook page….



ps.  Seriously – any help on the Pegasus front would be very much appreciated, LOL!


  1. Pegasus is easy! Get an old sweatsuit (or anything that the top and bottom match) and get 2 wigs in the right color. Cut a hole in the butt of the sweatsuit and put one wig there as the tail. Wear the other wig with ears, then pick up a pair of fairy wings (or stretch panty hose over coat hangers) and don those. Done!

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