Mom Street Style – Hannah’s Bright Take on Post-Partum Winter Style





KenzWe love hip mama bloggers here at Ain't No Mom Jeans (um, obviously)…so were thrilled to hear from Hannah!  She started her mom fashion blog, For Scarlet, just 2 months ago – when baby Scarlet was just 2 months old!

Taking pics of yourself at 2 months post-partum and posting them to the internet?  Brave.  Very brave.  (S applauding wildly)

But seriously, at 4 months pp, how amazing does Hannah look?  Hannah writes:

Fitting into post-baby wear has been a struggle, so I've decided any purchases from here on out include at least 2 percent spandex material:) Thank goodness for bright stretchy jeans, forgiving scarves and big sunnies, all the right ingredients to keep up with motherhood and Montana winters. 

Sing it sister.  You look ah-mazing!

And how festive and totally holiday-perfect are the bright pops of red?



Pretty. Darn. Perfect.  But dang, girl – earrings?  At 4 months pp?  Now I'm seriously impressed.  4 months pp I was lucky to shower.  

Hannah, thanks so much for writing in!!  LOVE this look.  I may have to copy it exactly.




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