Mom Street Style: Hello, Overalls. Are We Ready For You?


  Overalls I have fond memories of my overalls.  I last wore them to a Michigan State tailgate.  Back when sorority girls felt sexy in things like flannel shirts and overalls.  (To this day, my husband likes them.  Nostalgia, perhaps?)

But whatever.  I loved them then, and love them still.  I've been waiting (and predicted, in fact) an overall comeback…so when I saw gorgeous mom Lauren sportin' some sweet overalls, I almost tripped over my flares to stop her for a pic.

Instead of the 90's era overalls + flannel shirt combo (with work boots, naturally), Lauren updated hers with some wedges and uses a boyfriend sweater to nip in her waist.

I love it.  I really, really do. 

Inspired, I went home and busted my old college-era overalls out of storage.  Oddly enough, I didn't look quite as tall and skinny as Lauren.  (snort) 

But I vow to keep trying.  I mean seriously – these are SO mom friendly!  For example, you can bend and pick up the kiddos without slippage!  And no more muffin top!  Pooch hiding!  Nursing access! The potential is huge, people!  HUGE!

However, like most 100%-mom-friendly finds *cough Danskos *cough*….overalls can also go very, very, very wrong.

So what about the rest of you?  Is anyone else intrigued?



ps.  Lauren's wearing Mavi overalls, an Old Navy cardigan and Aldo wedges.


  1. She looks adorable, but I think I need to leave this look in my past. I wore overalls in high school over lacy camis, with a flannel around my waist and Timberland boots. Plus, around here, overalls have remained in consistent wear by men who actually wear them as workgear.

  2. She looks absolutely great, but this would not at all be a flattering look for me. I am petite and with my figure, it would dumpify me instantly. I’m going to have to pass.

  3. Ok I love overalls! Your reminiscing of them brings back the memories. These were a staple for me in college too. In fact, I went on a first date in brown corduroy overalls and a tan turtleneck with a guy I’d end up dating for 3+ years! Wow.
    That all being said I would rock these if overalls officially came back into style. Lauren looks super cute. But I’m not sure I’d look good in them unless the cut was really good (is that possible?). Definitely food for thought though.

  4. I used to looooooove my overalls. Fond memories of the nineties! I even wore them while pregnant, at they were so great for when regular pants were too tight but I wasn’t ready for full-blown maternity pants.
    Lauren looks adorable. I hope she’s a trend-setter and it’s not just an (adorable) anomaly.

  5. My husband is also nostalgic about them! These look so cute on Lauren. If I see some overalls while shopping this year, I’ll totally try them on, but don’t think I’d look as stylish.

  6. I’m a little too young for the overall nostalgia, but I love dressing my baby in them and totally agree about the functionality. Lauren does pull them off amazingly well. I think one reason they aren’t offensive on her is that she is wearing them almost disguised as a romper (much easier on the eye). I have seen Heidi Klum incorporate overalls in her maternity collection. I think for the women who can pull anything off, this is a go. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Super cute! Love the fact that she paired them with a long cardigan ’cause my only issue with overalls is the unflattering booty! Way to go Lauren – problem solved!

  8. I would love to see more looks with overalls! I have a pair that are so comfy, but I felt a little silly wearing them in public…even when I was pregnant. She looks great, though. Not at all like a farmer (which is what my hubby said when he saw me.) I wore overalls in high school (in 1998) and I kind of feel like the look might be too young for me now. But damn, they are comfy. And they have so many handy little pockets…

  9. Cute! I never had a pair that fit me very well, so haven’t saved that particular style, but she looks great! Love, love, love that necklace.
    Incidently, I saw a woman in Rite Aid this morning and wanted to stop and take her picture (but sadly, lacked a camera) because her style was so great–dark wash skinny jeans, nude ballet flats, long flowy nude tunic-style t-shirt with black elbow flowy cardigan. Hair pulled up in a neat bun. Bliss.
    Also, on the nude ballet flats thing, do you recommend BC Limousine as a brand? I found a pair online that are very cute and priced right. Reviews look good, but I’m still hesitant given my past experience with ballet flats (usually bad).

  10. I’m gonna have to pass. I live in farm country and am too short and round I think. I do remember rocking some dark green corduroy overalls in elementary school when they were so cool in the 90’s. And I have a denim pair for gardening. I just don’t think I can pull it off though as a fashion thing. It’s like sweatpants-a guilty pleasure for when I want comfort and no one who cares is gonna see me!

  11. I love the memories of overalls and still have my well worn, oversize gap ones from college to use for farmer costumes with my baby chick for Halloween:) I dk, she looks absolutely fantastic. Not sure if I could pull it off!

  12. She does look adorable…but I think the rule for me on this one is “if you wore it the first time…pass the second time”.
    Sadly, as I near forty, I am not nearly as “cute”.

  13. I WISH I’D KEPT MY BELOVED OVERALLS!!! She looks great. Did you find out who made hers? They look like slimmer lines than the Gap ones we all sported in the 90’s, which were SO much better from the front). I can remember jazzing mine up w/ a tank, silk scarf around my neck (a la airplane attendants) and platform wedges. They were my fave. And my husband loved/loves them too.

  14. Oh wow…. the overalls. I believe I was rocking my overalls in Ann Arbor at the same time you had yours in East Lansing (I knew I loved your blog for a reason!) and while they were really comfy and I agree with all of the advantages (nursing access!), I think these might have a very high degree of difficulty in pulling off. And I may have just written the longest run on sentence ever!

  15. My husband loves me to wear overalls. They are great post baby but I always feel so dumpy. I’ll have to try yo make them cute this week. ๐Ÿ™‚
    And what is wrong with Danskos?

  16. Wow – after viewing this pic, a Pearl Jam song is officially stuck in my head. I have huge ’90s college nostalgia from my years in Chicago – I rocked my overalls w/a henley, flannel & big black or brown Doc Martens. We were all trying to look like Alicia Silverstone from the Aerosmith video – I loved it. When I moved back to the East Coast in 2000 I officially retired all of them – the ’90s were over & could not imagine how someone working in Washington, DC in suits every day would ever get use out of them again. Hello, I thought wrong! I’m now a Mommy living in laid back Annapolis area, Maryland. Life is full of surprises. All that to say, I may have to look into this as an option, freaking LOVE them – and they can totally flatter a bum, you just have to hike them up a little – think J. Lo in a jumpsuit! Bootylicious.

  17. She looks adorable, and I think the main difference between her overalls and the so-not-sexy ones I wore in college is that hers fit much better! I think the ones I wore made my butt look 4 times larger than it actually was. But man, they were so comfortable! My friends and I were just laughing about the fact that we met our husbands when oversized clothing was fashionable. I’m not sure how we did it!

  18. I thought this was a long shot, but while watching Glee the day after reading I noticed Santana (Naya Rivera) wearing overalls. They were much more tailored than those of the 90’s & she could look great in a trash bag, but who knows, maybe they really are due for a comeback.

  19. My husband ADORES overalls too and I have a pair that I wear around the house and find I get LOADS of extra hugs and cuddles in them…bonus! I think they’d come back just fine with certain cuts…I do think its a tricky fashion trend, however…BTW…lovin’ this blog…I just found you and you’re EXACTLY what I was looking for…REAL person style…thanks for being here!

  20. OMG I STILL have and wear my old navy overalls! They are so, so, so baggy and loose on me, they’re about four inches too long, all frayed and dirty from walking on the cuffs, but for some reason my boyfriend loves me in them! even though they are kind of embarrassing to wear in public, I still do it for him , actually makes me feel sexy!

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