Mom Street Style | Juliana’s Pegged/Boyfriend Maternity Jeans



Are you old enough to remember tightening and rolling jeans?  When I read today’s Mom Street Style submission, it occurred to me that tighten and rolling was probably the brainchild of some frugal genius 80’s mom who was convinced the skinny jeans trend would soon be on its way out and right she was (for the 80’s at least!).  That mom was making it work, and so is ANMJ reader Juliana, who during those super-tricky postpartum weeks, repurposed her bootcut Motherhood Maternity jeans by pegging them to give a boyfriend jean effect.  She writes: 

I know you were still looking for mom style submissions last time I checked, so here's one of mine (MAMAS!  We are always looking for mom street style—please send your pics! – M).  (I'm the one behind the stroller; my sister is carrying my newborn daughter in the ERGO).  The jeans are bootcut maternity jeans from motherhood that I pegged (remember that from the late 1980s??) and rolled up to make into boyfriend jeans.  I bought them when pregnant in 2010.  The shirt is from Eddie Bauer, and the nursing cami is the full sling Gillian O'Malley from Target.  Mustard shoes are the Meghan Ruffled flats from Merona (Target).  They aren't available in that color any more, but are available in pewter, which I also have and like a lot.  

I've learned a lot of great styling tips from your blog since I discovered it earlier this spring, and I'm so thankful for the confidence I have to try new things, and tweak my style a bit!  I felt more confident during this last pregnancy than all my others, and I'm having an easier time styling myself postpartum too!  

– Juliana 

Well-played, Juliana!  Thank you for submitting your mom street style photo.

– M.


  1. Oh yeah, I remember pegging my jeans. I rolled them as tight as they would go. Not sure I want to relive that, but Juliana has pulled it off in a way that doesn’t take me back to middle school.

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