Mom Street Style – Kate’s Perfect Maternity Outfit For Touring Italy….With a Toddler in Tow


Mamas, after all of our joking last week about being shopping enablers, we received this little gem from reader Kate:

I saw today’s post referring to yourselves as shopping enablers and I just couldn’t resist sharing this photo of me and my screaming toddler in front of the Vatican on Christmas Day as evidence of your culpability! Please note that every single item on me was inspired by a post of yours: Plush fleece-lined leggings (absolutely love them), MIA Buckaroo boots (spotted in several of S’s posts – wore them for days trekking around the cobblestones of Rome with absolutely ZERO discomfort!), Michael Stars Calloway Cashmere hat (inspired by your hat suggestions) and over-sized Vero Moda sweater (for disguising my 4 1/2 month pregnancy bump)… so yeah, I think it’s safe to say that you have enabled the you-know-what out of me! And I have to thank you for it! Sometimes I can get a bit lazy with my wardrobe (think gym clothes all day long… hey- it means I'm one step closer to going to the actual gym… right??), but then I see your posts and it gets me back on the wagon. 

I hope you both have the happiest of holidays! And M– congrats on Alexander. He is so handsome and you look stunning! 

– Kate from Stuttgart, Germany



Kate, you look stunning as well!  This is, in my opinion, one of the most perfect maternity outfits I've seen.  It's totally comfy, cute, and has this effortlessly fun vibe…while still be practical enough to chase toddlers in.  LOVE.
Thanks so much for sending the pic and for your very kind words!  Your note made my day…and made me laugh.  :)



  1. i love this outfit!
    simple + cozy but looks great. i’m not pregnant but am always chasing my two year-old + am still working at putting together outfits that function but still look casually stylish.
    thanks for providing another example, it helps to see how other mamas pull it off!

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