IMG_6785web So….I was right in the middle of throwing myself an "I miss Denver" pity party when I received an email from reader Kristel of Glowing Light Blog.

"My husband and I recently moved to Denver, CO and somehow I discovered your blog along the way. I love it because it has definitely given me inspiration to keep up with my sense of style as I prepare to become a mother. Since I was just newly pregnant when we moved to the city we thought we should take weekly belly photos around Denver to show our family back home how my pregnancy was progressing and how amazing this city is. "

Awww….I love Denver.  And seriously – how cute is Kristel?  The floral skirt, pulled up over the bump, paired with baby blue oxfords?  Total perfection.

Kristel continued, "Each week we choose a street that corresponds with the week of pregnancy I am in (13th ave for my 13th week, 14th street for my 14th week, etc). It's been so much fun discovering Denver street by street and showcasing the belly growth along the way."

And there it was.  A totally adorable (and stylish) belly pic, taken on 13th, right down the street from our old condo.  Sob


Week 13 copy

But my own personal heartbreak aside (drama, anyone?)….how amazing is this idea?  Seriously!  HOW amazing?

Week 17

It's fan-freaking-tastic. 

Week 18 web

I totally want to do this next time.  I mean…if there's a next time.

Week 22

Kristel is up to 27 weeks…but I don't want to spoil the surprise and show you all of her fab outfits.  Go check out Kristel's Belly Series on Glowing Light Blog.

Kristel – Congrats on the pregnancy, girl!  Thanks for writing in!!




  1. WOW – love Kristel, love her blog, and she is positively gorgeous!!! This is really an excellent idea – most of my belly pics with my 1st pregnancy were self-portraits in the mirror in my gym shorts – yuck – they come out way cuter this way! I just found out I am 15 weeks pregnant – LAST WEEK so I’m a little behind in the belly pics department, but I will definitely have to get a few up. I am officially inspired!

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