Mom Street Style: Kristen’s Perfect Seven For Post-Partum


Mamas!  These quick little peeks into reader’s closets are quickly becoming one of my favs.  Here’s Kristen’s….


Hi Shana, thank you for ANMJ! It makes me smile.

I think I may have emailed before, but I could be completely making that up. I’m tired! [NOTE FROM S:  Sing it, Sister.]

I’m a mom of 16-month-old twin girls. I work full-time but in a blessedly casual office. I gained 80 pounds through IVF hormones and then bed rest. Only have 10 to go, but still have the dreaded pooch.





1.  Tory Birch Simone Cardigan

Ancient. I keep making the tailor fix moth holes.


2. Anthropologie Ornamental Tee

A winner for concealing gut without screaming “I’m concealing a gut!”  I may have purchased multiples.


3. Shaper Cami

[NOTE From S – I don’t actually know Kristen’s shaper cami…Kristen, can you update us?  See pics of it in action below.]

pictured: Flexees Shaper Cami


4. Tory Birch Small Michele Tote

A gift from my stylish mother-in-law.


5. Rag and Bone High-Rise Skinny Jeans

My faves for pooch control. I wear them, oh, daily, so it’s worth the cost per wear for me.


6. A Cool Necklace

This one from the Bauble Bar is similar to mine, and cheap!


7. DV Jamison Boots

I got them dirt cheap on Gilt Group. And they’re a lot less expensive than the Rag and Bone Harrows that I really wanted. [You and me both, Kristen]


And behold, the power of the shaper cami + pooch-hiding top:



Pooch?  What pooch?

Photo 3


Kristen, I’m totally digging your momiform.  Love the skinnies (high rise are the best), love the boots, love the way you keep a pooch-hiding top easy, yet cool.  Bravo, Chick.  And WOW – you have a really nice mother-in-law.  I’m taking notes for the future.  🙂

Thanks so much for sending in your picks and your pics!



ps.  If anyone else wants to play along, feel free to send in a pic, and links to your favorite pieces (or similar pieces). Let us know why these pieces are your favs. Feel free to check out our other postpartum fashion ideas!