Kristen and WynnWe try and keep up with our Mom Street Style submissions.  But sometimes we get behind.  And sometimes we get so behind that I've hung onto a pic for almost a year, just to make sure we're not showing Mom Street Style flip-flops in February.  

But I cracked up when Kristen's email hit our inbox a few days ago.  Shorts and flip-flops?  And it's almost November?  Clearly, despite my wanting very badly cold Fall weather (and hotcocoafuzzysweaters andboots) …we're not the only ones feeling the heat.  Goodness, even in NY this past weekend (our fun little family train trip) it was downright hot during the day. 

Kristen wrote: 

Hi ladies! I'm a 30-yr-old full-time working mom of Wynn (15 months) and a huge fan of your blog!

I thought I might have made you proud during our trip to the pumpkin patch this weekend. I had a few challenges: I wanted my outfit to reflect the Fall season, but it's still 85* here. And of course, it had to be suitable for chasing a toddler around. Enter a flowy, forgiving blouse (Old Navy), crisp cuffed black shorts (bebe), and a toddler-friendly piece of jewelry — a coral and gold cuff (local boutique). Add some stylish flip-flops (Tory Burch) and I was ready to chase Wynn through the petting zoo!

Thanks for always posting such great inspiration. I'm gonna read as long as you write!



Kristen, you look ah-mazing.  We are so, so proud.  Yay, you!!  And MAN – Old Navy (of all places!!) has been killing it with their flowy tops this fall (I wrote about my favorite here). And let's all take a moment to sigh in bliss over shorts and flowy tops mom-i-forms.  Ahhhhh….

I know, I know – I'm a horribly predictable shorts-lover.  I can't help it.  Like Gaga, I was born this way.

And Kirsten, you were obviously born fabulous.  Thanks for writing in!

Kristen and Wynn 2

Ummm…BTW, Kristen is in FL, so I'm not sure if they ever get sweater-weather, but this outfit sure is reflective of the crazy Fall we've all been having.  For those of you who are actually experiencing a cooler Fall (or want to rock an outfit like this into winter), this outfit would look amazing with tights, boots, a chunky scarf and parka.  I'm thinking something like this…





And YES – I love black and navy together.  




  1. SUPER cute!! Sadly it’s 36 degrees here tonight, so this might have to wait until next year!
    I have a question for you (couldn’t find a place to email – so I hope it’s okay to submit in comments)… I am 8 days (yes DAYS) postpartum – this is my fourth baby, but my first c-section, and I am kind of wigging out about how I look. I’ve never had a belly like this – it’s not a jelly belly, it’s like a hard 7 month pregnant belly!
    Assuming that eventually goes down, what I’d love to wear with leggings/skinny jeans are some of those cute shirt dresses I’ve been seeing on your blog and elsewhere… BUT my problem is, all the ones I can find to buy either have elastic or a belt at the WAIST. Dude, I don’t have a waist!! Have you seen any that either are not belted/elastic, or that are either above or below the waist? Thanks!

  2. I wore the Old Navy top shown in your example yesterday and it is AWESOME. I loved it as it was, but then I discovered that the sleeves roll up and have a tab! Yes I bought it and wore it half a day without noticing-it’s the print, I didn’t see the button on the sleeve! Either way, it’s perfect for south Texas. Love it!

  3. Love this outfit – I’m a huge sucker for polka dots. I just hit old Navy with Rookie Mom Heather in tow this week. I tried to talk her into that butterfly print top. We both walked out with a puffy vest, which is my new fave item for camouflaging a pooch. You guys should do a puffy vest round up!

  4. Vera – Yes! I have a couple and wore them constantly post-partum. Both were from J.Crew. One is their chambray shirt-dress, the other was in the “beach cover up” section. They pretty much do these every spring…but check their sale section, I think there are a few similar ones left. Kinda like this:
    Amanda – LOL! But I am seriously loving the ON shirts right now. Crazy.
    Whit – You are reading my mind, Chicky. I’ve been working on a puffer vest and postpartum pooch article. Love how they zip that pooch right up. 🙂

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