Mom Street Style – Lisa’s Perfect Almost-Fall Playground Outfit: Flips-Flops and Poncho


Lisa, from Being an American Mom, sent in this spot-on Fall transition outfit.  Lisa wrote:


Your post on the Fall Nordstrom Anniversary Sale inspired me to go get the Caslon poncho sweater in green.  

Today it was starting to feel more like Fall here in California and I was taking the kids to the playground so I grabbed the sweater and layered it over a gray tank and paired that with my Kut from the Kloth denim crop pants that I won in your contest!  You can see I am wearing flip flops because it was in the low 70s today, but I will definitely “winterize” this outfit by wearing a long sleeved t-shirt under the sweater and boots with the jeans.  

Anyway, I loved this outfit because it was so comfortable and yet I felt stylish!  And I was chasing my 14 month old around the playground, I could run around easily.  Perfect!


Wow!  Lisa – you look gorgeous!  Love the jeans, love the poncho, love the necklace, love the flips.  This is pretty much the definition of stylish, mom-friendly outfits that we strive to achieve here on The Mom Edit.

Nicely done, Lisa.  Thanks for sending in the pic!!



ps….Congrats to TheRingChronicles, the winner of our Champion giveaway!!!  Shoot us an email and we’ll get you your new workin’ out gear!!

Screen Shot 2011-09-29 at 9.41.25 PM

And in case you missed it, as part of the giveaway, we asked readers to leave a comment with their favorite brownie recipe….OH MAMA.  It is quite the collection.  There are links to FAH-bulous sounding brownie recipes, a couple of actual recipes (thanks to Beth and Juliana B), and some amazing sounding mix-ins:  coffee, chocolate chips, cheesecake, mint, orange extract, pepper (Ooo….creative, Barbara H, very creative!!), gluten free options, and a bunch of shout-outs to the Ghiradelli and Duncan Hines box mixes.  Best. Giveaway. Ever.  This one will just keep on givin’…..a HUGE thanks to all who participated!!  I’m going to have a long, happy (and fattening) winter trying all of these out….


  1. She looks gorgeous! I might have to get that poncho. But I have one question…how does she keep her toddler from yanking that necklace right off her neck? Maybe I just produce particularly aggressive baby boys.

  2. Cute! I just went and bought the purple poncho 🙂 I’m sure it will look good over my currently pregnant belly too! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. @Kay – I don’t have Lisa’s reflexes either, LOL. Because ponchos show some arm, trying pairing yours with a cuff bracelet or oversized watch. 🙂
    @Erin – I LIVED in a poncho when preggo. Love that look!
    Thanks for the comments, Mamas!

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