Mom Street Style – March 2010 Mom


IMG_1026I was impressed with Melissa's outfit (pictured at left) for several reasons.  Beginning with the fact that it takes a fairly brave women to wear dangley earrings and a silky top with a kiddo as young as her son.  Or a very experienced mom.  Melissa also has an older son, so I actually think she's both. 

Melissa is wearing a striped long-sleeve tee and silk-cotton ruffle front button down from LOFT.   Her jeans are Diesels, her earrings (and gorgeous cocktail ring pictured at the bottom of the post) are from Stella & Dot. 

Let's discuss:

  • I never think to wear silky tops when out with the kiddos.  But the fact that it's a silk-cotton blend (hand washable!!) and also dark navy makes it do-able.
  • I love that she successfully dresses down the silky top by layering it over playful stripes.  A perfect combination!
  • I also really, really like how she's wearing the silky top.  Buttoning it just under the chest and through the waist makes her boobs look fab, her waist look tiny, and distracts from any stomach poochiness. (Not that I noticed any, I'm just sayin')
  • The layering over a long-sleeve tee is a great way to transition your go-to Summer pieces into a cool Spring day.  Throw a cute Spring jacket on over top, and you are all set.  As most of you know, I'm loving Army parkas (shown here) or LOFT's ruffle collar trench (shown here), but any cool Spring jacket would work.
  • Nursing?  These button-down tops are perfect for nursing.  Layer over a stretchy v-neck tee now or wear alone later, and voila!  Easy access. (But if spit-up is a concern, stick with light colors).
  • I'm too fearful to do dangley earrings, but I love the idea of one gorgeous cocktail ring for moms.

Both shirts from LOFT are sold out, so here's how I'd recreate:

68530228-04 Tee

Since the tops are so dressy, I'd keep the base layer simple and neutral colored.  Gray stripes, taupe or navy stripes are all good choices.  A solid color tee would also work.

I'm loving Forever 21's Basic Striped L/S Tee, $14.80.  It's made out of slub cotton, is super soft and stretchy.   I personally have nursed in J.Crew's V-neck tees.  I actually prefer their tissue tees, but the Perfect Tee, $24.50 pictured above, would work also.

Cottonsateen  Shirt

The closest item to Melissa's silk button-down from LOFT is Ann Taylor's Cotton Sateen Ruffle Top, $68.  So classic and chic – it would even look good with a ponytail (very mom friendly!). 

You can also layer the long-sleeve striped tee under a patterned button-down.  Roll the sleeves of the button-down up to reveal the stripes, then button at waist like Melissa.  I love J. Crew's silk-blend Thicket Floral Perfect Shirt, $98, over the Forver21 striped tee.  (More on how to wear mixed prints later!)

Not sold on the silky top? Try a simple cotton peasant-inspired blouse over a striped tee.  These tops are a little more interesting than the basic tee, and will look amazing now over a stripey tee or alone later.  They are also perfect for nursing (and will more easily hide a poochy or early-pregnancy stomach!)  These blousey styles will work best with only a button or two undone at the top.

Peasant Embroidered

The first top is the Crochet Trim Blouse with Rolled Sleeves, $49.50 at LOFT, and the second is the Embroidered Smocked Button Down, $44. 50, also at LOFT.  I love the combo of the dainty embroidery with the bold stripes. 

Lastly, Stella & Dot makes some fun cocktail rings in the $40 – $50 price range.

Saveena Bloom

Melissa was wearing the Saveena ring (left), but I'm also loving the Bloom ring (right) for a pop of coral.

So what do you think, girls?  Anyone going to venture out with a silky (or silk-blend) shirt?

Thanks Melissa, for being such a good sport!