Mamas, meet Melissa, one of the most adorable (thrice!) pregnant mamas I've ever seen (excuse the image quality, we just couldn't work out a better shot, but it would have been a travesty not to share Melissa's perfect, easy, affordable style).  She writes:
Hi ladies,
Honestly, I can't believe I'm submitting a picture of myself…but alas, here it is.  This was a super simple and inexpensive outfit…and after having 2 kiddos with my 3rd baby just 5 weeks away, I'm desperate to get through these last 5 weeks and still manage to look put together.  I wore this outfit this past weekend with my hubby for our monthly 'date night'.  I got a lot of compliments on it so I thought maybe another pregnant lady could use a pick me up!!
Poncho and boots- Tarjay (Target to some people :))
Jeggings- Old Navy maternity
Bag- Old Navy
I love your blog and I am so thankful I found it…keep on keepin on!!!
– Melissa
Melissa's rocking a number of ANMJ's favs for moms–skinny jeans, tall boots, and a belly/postpartum pooch/nursing-friendly poncho, topping it all off with understated, spot-on accessories.  I love how her copper/gold cuff bracelet ties into the zippers on her fab riding boots, and the tassel on her bag keys in on the fringe trend, lending a toned-down Boho vibe.

Seriously, Melissa, if you look that good pregnant, you should just keep on have babies.  Thanks for sharing your rad mama style!
– M.


  1. Love this! So classy, so easy to replicate! Great for post-partum too. Anyone found great maternity skinny jeans? I am starting the hunt.

  2. Holly, I’m a fan of the Old Navy maternity “jeggings”. Which I think is what Melissa is wearing above. They’re soft and stretchy and don’t bag out too quickly, and also come in black. Can’t go wrong for $25(ish)!

  3. I love this outfit, too. I’m pregnant and just picked up a cute army green wool poncho at a used clothing store. I was a bit worried I would look too tent-like in it but this picture definitely inspired me to start wearing it!

  4. Hey! Well, a few months later and I’m still rockin the poncho for that post-baby pooch that we all love so much! Cecilia Rose was born on 11/3/12 and she loved reading your blog with me during our morning snuggles in bed! Love your blog!

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