Mom Street Style | Michelle’s Non-Maternity Fabulousness



Mamas, meet Michelle.  She was just walking by my house as I pulled up in front with three sleepy/cranky babes in tow.  I almost let her get away, then mustered up some courage and accosted her with something like, "Hey!  Are you pregnant!?  You're so cute!  Can I take a picture of you?" 

Remarkably, Michelle didn't high-tail it down the street.  Maybe she figured I could out-run her given she's getting into her third trimester (I know, you can barely even tell, right!?) . . . Or maybe having a car full of kids makes you seem trustworthy in spite of the crazy stuff that actually comes out of your mouth.  Not sure.  I explained the why-for and, even though she was on her way back to work from lunch, she stopped for a quick snap and chat.  Thank goodness.  Because really.  This mama-to-be is AH-dorable.    

This black/cognac combo is one of my absolute favs, and set off with a denim jacket or vest and fab shoes, it's even better.  I love that Michelle re-purposed a non-maternity Club Monaco strapless dress, creating a waist with the contrasting skinny belt, and spent her money smartly on these lovely Paso Fino sandals from Anthro. 

The truism that you can never go wrong with a great pair of shoes or a yummy handbag is even truer when you're prego. 

– M.


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