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Mom Street Style comes today from Meagan (aka "the  headless housewife" LOL–more on that later) at Everyday Mom Style.  Everyday Mom Style is a recent addition to the mom style blogging world and a great one at that.  In her endearing, plainspoken "About Me" section, Meagan writes:

"My wardrobe must be reasonably priced, comfortable and age appropriate. . . I’m just a 40 year old mother of two kids who wants to look and feel great. . .  I live in a suburb of Seattle, where style is pretty laid back. My clothes are not expensive, they come from Nordstroms, Anthropologie, J Crew, Target, TJ Maxx, Kohls, H & M."

Meagan sent us a pic from her fab January 9th post, Minor Details, which perfectly illustrates the impact changing out one or two outmoded pieces can have on a look.  Her updated white skinnies and classic gray cable knit sweater are a perfect, understated backdrop for her on-trend snakeskin heels.  The overall effect is professional, tastefully sexy and also manges to pull off both classic and trendy.  Love it! 

Oh, and the "headless houswife" thing?  Though she's neither headless nor a housewife, it's a moniker imparted on Meagan, who prefers to stay anonymous on the web, by her sweet sis.  (And I can't really blame her on that one, given the kind of, um, "fan mail" we receive from time-to-time.)  Golly tamale I wish I had sister sometimes–that's priceless! 

Thank you, Meagan, for writing in!  We can wait to see more from Everyday Mom Style!

– M.





  1. Love this! Thanks for the sharing of another great “real fashion” blog. I’m also 40 and a working mom, and I am in this whole rediscovery of being a fashionable mom – even though I have no interest in high fashion.
    Love your blog too – I pin a lot of your items!

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