Mom (or Nanny!) Street Style | Nancy Brightens up a Yoga Pants Uniform


Mom stret stye nanny

Meet Nancy, Mamas! She’s the cutest nanny S. met at Target and she’s rocking a bold, yet comfortable and functional, spring look we absolutely love. She’s wearing a Gap long cardi as a dress over Gap yoga pants, a target tank, target flats and a scarf given to her by her mom.  Props to Nancy for taking an oh-so-standard yoga pants-based mom uniform to another level by creatively mixing brights.

As the weather warms up, try your hand at color-blocked looks with layers that will take you through transitional spring weather and daring color combos.  Choose colors of the same saturation and brightness and mix in a fun print (or two) that ties it all together.

 Comfy Color-Blocking for Summer


Are you mixing brights this season? Tell us how!

– M.


  1. She looks adorable! I love that look but have trouble finding cardis that are long enough to be a tunic but not so big they look like tents. And I’m petite and relatively short (5’4″) so you would think I’d have an easier time! I’ll have to keep looking because it’s a cute and comfy look.

  2. I have a green (not khaki) pair of shorts I love paired with purple or orange! Otherwise I’ve usually been sticking to one “bright” at a time; I need to be braver. 🙂

  3. Love it…but may I please add (as a plump woman!) DO NOT rock this if you are vaguely in doubt that you should…unless your fanny is quite covered. I have painfully witnessed even very thin mamas rocking this with waist down showing in ‘leggings’ that are only thick tights….please don’t . This woman is darling and the cardi is long enough… will not see my glorious derriere in this, I am now also worried about wearing my yoga pants that are loose….until I get an honest opinion on my rump.
    HEY! Could you do a funny post on DON’Ts? Like THIS works, THIS DON’T!!! I do it by accident on my blog. Would love to see YOU do it.

  4. I concocted an outfit with the exact same yellow gold/pink color combo. It was a yellow gold cardi and a pink button down from Banana Republic. With skinny jeans and tall boots, it wasn’t a rocket science outfit but I loved the mix of the two colors so glad to see it replicated here.

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