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IMG_0784Girls, meet Evyan, our super stylish November Mom.   Not only does she have one of the coolest names I've ever heard, she is wearing an outfit that I could call, "How Moms Can Look Smokin' Hot in Leggings".  At the park, no less.  That's hardcore dedication to hotness.  

Confession – Evyan has said that she wasn't PLANNING to go the park that day….sure, sure.  

Evyan is wearing my new favorite legging look: the denim legging.  Don't confuse this with "Jeggings", which are leggings that are printed to look exactly like jeans (including fake pockets, etc).  The denim legging is a slightly thicker version of the legging, in fabric that looks slightly denim colored.  The denim color is perfect because, like actual denim, it matches everything.

Evyan paired her leggings with a cute slouchy tank from Forever 21, and a boyfriend cardi from Banana Republic.  She finished the look off with tall, flat boots by Sam Edelman.

She is skinny and adorable, thus can get away with tops that don't completely cover her bum.  For those of you less confidant, I'll give you a few additional options below.

Let's recreate:

Hue Denim Leggings Sam Edelman Phallon Tall Riding Boot 

Evyan's leggings are the navy Denim Leggings by Hue, $28 at Nordstroms.  Did you know that you can order items on, then pick them up in the store an hour later?  Evyan gave us that tip.  Which I did.  As soon as I got home, I ordered the leggings, then dragged the little man into Nordstroms, went to the customer service desk, was handed my leggings and dragged him back out.  No time for tantrums (he saved those for Black Friday shopping).

Evyan's amazing tall, flat boots are Sam Edelman's Phallon Tall Riding Boots.  Nordstroms has sold out of them, but I did find some on for $299.  Endless offers free shipping and free return shipping.

How annoying.  Evyan's cardigan is currently available at Banana Republic the STORE, but not online.  I know this because I bought it.  My Banana store had millions of black boyfriend cardigans in three slightly different styles, most on sale for less than $80.  So check your local Banana.  Otherwise, try these options:

Longblackcardi 962246-p-DETAILEDBr690957-00p01v01

All of the above options are a wee bit longer, in case you want to make darn sure your bum is covered.  The first is J.Crew's Alpaca Long Shawl Cardigan, $98.  I love that it's super thin and drapey.  It's also available in black.  The second is Splendid's Long Cardigan, $80 at  I actually own this cardi in olive green.  It's fabulous.  Nice and long, and made out of super soft stretchy cotton.  The last option is Banana Republic's Heritage Long Textured Cardigan, $152.  Also nice and long, it's made to be worn open and would look great layered over leggings.

But if you are really dying for Evyan's cardi, wander on into Banana and look for it.  Also, I'm writing this the weekend after Thanksgiving, and Banana is currently offering 20% off all sweaters, but ending this special on 11/29.  I wonder if their website will be updated with their full inventory once this weekend is over?  Hmmmmm…..

64146679-07 Lastly, I think you'd be hard pressed to do better than Forever 21's Scoop Neck Tank Top.  It's the perfect length for pairing with leggings under a long cardi, it's available in either maroon (shown) or light gray, and it's only $8.80.

If only I always looked this hot at the park.





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