Mom Street Style: Rachel Nails Sweatpants-As-Pants



Rachel sent in this adorable pic of herself last week.  She wrote:

Inspired by your recent post I decided to try out my sweats again.  I got them at JC Penny for $20.  They are definitely sweat pants, so I've always had a hard time figuring out what shirt to wear with them: too dressy looked weird, a cotton T looked like I just rolled out of bed.  My solution?  A 1/2 linen 1/2 cotton T from H&M ($10).  The front panel is linen and it's a light cotton in the back.  

This is perfect for hanging out at the library (which is usually freezing with AC) and then watching the kids play outside after (muggy!)  And yes, I realize the white shirt is risky but the dark grey pants hide any snot/food/child that might get on me.  

Rachel, I love the bright ballet flats (I've been wearing mine everywhere), and HEY!  Reader Megan – didn't you say that I needed a few long necklaces?  Well.  Great minds think alike.  It looks perfect, Rachel.

Let's recreate her look, shall we?


I wasn't able to find Rachel's sweatpants at JC Penny…but perhaps this cropped version ($16) would work?  ASOS has a pair with a haram-pant vibe for $40, and good 'ol H&M has these. True to form, I've fallen in love with some ridiculously priced Alexander Wang sweatpants or – EGADS – these $300 Thakoon sweatery knit ones.  At the moment, there is only ONE pair left and therefore I am justified in my longing.  Perhaps I could be persuaded to content myself with these, a comparable bargin at only $180.  Snort.   


In terms of the top, any dressier version of a tee is perfect.  H&M has this one, but my favorite might be Everlane's new and improved Ryan tee.  $25.  Really. 


In terms of the bright flats, I'm a Tieks girl (the only ones that are comfy enough for me) but this $58 coral flat has some really glowing reviews.  

For necklaces, I really like pendants (my current fav is a plain dogtag that says Fearless), and simple minimalist shapes…or basically anything from the Etsy shop Bohemian Fringe (everything is roughly $20).


Love this, Rachel!  Thanks for writing in!




  1. LOVE her look! And I adore the “bargain”version by Theory. If only I could come up with a way to make the CPW (cost per wear) even remotely plausible!

  2. Love the layered necklace vibe but, why, OH WHY, did you have to introduce Bohemian Fringe, S?!? I made the mistake of clicking through and…my first order will be arriving shortly. Lol.

  3. Have to pipe in with my picks for this look! I have dubbed this my fall momiform since I’m 5 weeks postpartum and not in my jeans yet. I’ve found 3 great pants to rock this look. Here they are below. I will second S’s vote for the new Everlane Ryan T! I bought it in black and grey. It runs a little big, but the drape is just perfect.
    Skinny Sweats:
    The perfect slouch pants-can be dressed up or down. Target find and a great price!
    And finally, these. Great for around the house and out and about with a longer top or sweater. They are thin and fit like leggings:

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