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PA135133 I ran into Alexis (pictured at right) at a mom's group outing to Luke's Family Farm – an adorable private farm that opens up to groups and parties from time-to-time.

"I love your sweater!!" I yelled out, as she caught her little man barreling down the slide.  "Oh good" she said.  "I had hoped it was considered an interesting sweater"…and threw me a wink.

Awwww…a reader.  🙂

But doesn't she look great?  Long-enough shirt?  Check.  Interesting sweater?  Check.  Skinny jeans tucked into fabulous tall, flat boots?  Check and check.

I also love the concept of layering a short-sleeved sweater over a long-sleeve shirt.  What a perfect transition piece for those not-quite-cold-enough-for-a-real-sweater days.

Because of its length, this type of sweater would look equally amazing over leggings.  I'm also intriuged by the concept of throwing on a cozy short-sleeved sweater over a little dress for date night. (see the images below)

Alexis' sweater came from Target (it actually lured her out of the checkout line, little Jackson in tow)…but seems to be sold out online (check your local Target – they often have remaining stock that is no longer available online).  In addition, I've found several other great options that just happen to have low price points.

Alexis, you look fantastic!  Thanks for being such a good sport!




  1. I love those boots too! I’m having a hard time finding flat tall boots (that are actually FLAT) that actually have room for skinny jean.

  2. Some random boot info – I called Frye (b/c I have what we’ll call “muscular” calves) and they said leather boots can be stretched up at an additional 1/2″ in circumference and if you buy them at a major department store they usually have a stretcher there. Something to keep in mind when boot shopping. :o)

  3. Hi everyone, its Alexis. I got those boots last year at Charlotte Russe. Yes, I am a mom on a budget! They aren’t real leather, but they’re comfy and have stood up really well to a decent amount of wear. I don’t think they sell them anymore, but their website has some boots now that look similar. Hope that helps!

  4. Julia A – You are a rockstar! Thanks for both looking into this, and for posting the tip!
    Alexis – Thanks for the info! I’m with Megan B on this one – I always forget about Charlotte Russe, but can often find a trendy steal there.

  5. OK, me again. I’ve been searching high and low for a cognac boot that I can work. Trouble is, at 5’3″, I kind of feel like tall boots are working me…Is it, like the skinny jean trend, just a matter of time before I’m totally sold, or is this a trend best worn by the 5’6″ & taller crowd? At 5’3″, should I be looking at ‘mid calf’ boots? I always feel like my proportions are being thrown off in the tall boots, but there was a day not long ago when I thought I looked like a hippo from Fantasia in skinny jeans (big hips, tiny feet). HELP!
    Here’s what I’ve found that are lovely…If only the shaft was about 2″ shorter…Any thoughts from the shorties out there?

  6. Hey Mercedes — As a fellow 5’3″ gal…I get it. The boots I’m wearing in this pic are actually a tad shorter than most tall boots:
    and are very similar to these:
    However, as long as your boots fit under your kneecap, I think you’ll look just fine. (I also love over-the-knee boots…but boots that hit right at the kneecap are a bit uncomfortable.)
    Your Lucky Brand boots are So. Totally. Amazing. Love!! If you still want a second opinion, email us a pic!

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