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Mamas, meet Sarah.  She wrote in after reading S.'s thoughtful answer to ANMJ reader Leslie's question about mature brands like Eileen Fisher, and we asked her to be our next Mom Street Style as soon as we saw her pics!  Sarah brings the point home that truly flattering pieces from mature brands can be balanced with youthful, trendier items for an ageless, unique and pulled-together look. 

From Sarah: 

I had to write and send some pics after seeing your recent post on Eileen Fisher!  I love the brand and am a longstanding crusader to convince skeptical friends that it can be quite stylish and hip.

I discovered the brand a while ago because of their sweaters.  Eileen Fisher is really, really good at making very versatile "interesting" sweaters.  The drape and shapes are great and the materials are gorgeous.  I'm always getting compliments, even from people who scorn the idea of Eileen Fisher.

I bought a couple of sweaters last year to disguise the early onset of second baby pregnant belly and they have been my best friend postpartum.  I added a couple of their cozy jersey shirts last fall at a sample sale (i live near her personal store in NYC where there are amazing deals for samples and seconds).  They have been my momiform all winter long with a yummie tummy nursing shaper cami, Frye boots, and Levi's legging jeans (umm can you tell I love your blog?).  I'm trying to spring it up lately by rolling the leggings with flats and with a pair f bright jeans from the gap.

I have found that Eileen fisher pants never seem to work for me without making me feel old.  So I spend the money on the tops and sweaters and a few pairs of great shoes.  Then I try to get cheap trendier pieces to keep away the old lady vibe.  Though you guys have me coveting some designer denim!  But for things like bright blue denim that I'm not convinced is going to stay, I go with the gap.

My favorite thing about eileen fisher–(besides the fact that everything wears well, drapes well, fits well, feels amazing, and is really easy to take care of–spit up rolls right off the silk jersey!) is that it all goes together really nicely.  So as I buy a piece here and there (usually on sale–this stuff is spendy!)  I'm actually building up a really nice wardrobe that I can draw on when I actually do need to look nice (which is rare these days).  But paired with jeans it makes me look and feel just a little more stylish!

Well-put, Sarah!  I'm loving the playful pop of bright yellow and cuffed legging jeans, which both read so "Spring!" while the rest of the outfit functions well for chilly transitional weather, and everything is perfect for easy nursing.  Above, Sarah is wearing an Eileen Fisher merino sweater, Eileen Fisher cozy jersey a line beaded top, gap belt, Levi's legging jeans, teething necklace from Etsy (Sarah says it's seriously awesome–wooden beads covered in organic cotton for your baby to chew while babywearing).

Below, Sarah pushes the Eileen Fisher envelope with gorgeous layers and accessories that make these pieces look more edgy than matronly, while bright cobalt blue Gap denim renders these dark fall/winter staples seasonless.  The waterfall sweater would warm up a summer dress perfectly while the cowl neck sweater would look amazing layered over a white hubby beater and cutoffs a'la shorts and sweaters–a perfect mom-i-form for spring.

Photo 3Bright denim

What do you think, Mamas?  I don't have a single garment from Eileen Fisher in my closet right now, but the next time I see it, I know I'll do a double take and probably pick up a piece or two.

You look amazing, Sarah!  Thank you for writing in!

– M.


  1. Bravo! I’ve always drooled over Eileen Fisher but thought her clothes were too dressy for my lifestyle. I might be splurging on a piece or two at some point (wish I could find them cheaper, though)!

  2. I found Eileen Fisher ten years ago when I was into the super long maxi skirts….woe to me, before they were hip. I bought two and while I didn’t keep em long, I loved them. I wish I still had them both. Now I am reinterested….thanks!

  3. A friend just forwarded this and I had to speak up! I design a line of breastfeeding clothes called HadleyStilwell, and last year I won a grant from Eileen Fisher for women-owned businesses impacting communities (in my case supporting breastfeeding). Aside from their support of my own line, I wanted to share that Eileen herself talked about how she and her college-age daughter fight over the same pieces, and how her daughter rocks the same pieces differently, so you are on spot on with this article! I now use her accessories in my photoshoots…Cheers, Holli

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