Mom Street Style – Shannon’s Budget Friendly Date Night Look


IMG_1821Mamas, I love a success story.  And helping moms feel hot?  Our definition of success!  Shannon was nice enough to send in this rockin' pic of herself after doing a bunch of Ain't No Mom Jeans reading.  Shannon wrote:

Hi there,
I absolutely LOVE Ain't No Mom Jeans! I Googled "cool mom style blog" about a month ago because I needed help getting out of my style rut with my extremely limited budget. I put together this outfit when my husband and I went out for a date night. I thought it was cute when I put it on, but when I saw the picture he took of me, I said, "Dang! I look hot!" And almost all of it was bought for 75% off at Target. I would've never identified my personal style as "punk librarian" if not for you guys. Thank you!

Shannon in Charlotte, NC

Dress – Target
Pleather jacket – Target
Tights – Target
Boots – Marshalls, from a few years ago
Earrings – Aldo 

I LOVE that Shannon went through our personal style exercise and came up with Punk Librarian.

Coolest. Style. Assessment. Ever.

Shannon, thank you SO much for writing in!!  You look totally hot.  And I love seeing what can be done on a budget – 75% off at Target?  Whoa – nice work!





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