Mom Street Style: Three Readers do ANMJ Their Way


I think one of my very favorite things is when a reader emails me a pic and says, "I did it!"  You guys are awesome.  Love sharing the love so we can all be a bit more inspired.


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How awesome is this pic of reader Meredith rocking the Sporty-Chic trend?  She writes:

In Texas, it's most definitely still summer. But, inspired by your recent sporty chic post and a rare rainy day, I cranked the AC and tried out my new Onitsuka Tigers with a vintage varsity sweater I found in the Halloween section at Goodwill, which incidentally has my initial and a tennis patch–tennis being the only sport I follow besides ballet! Score!

Makes me want to sew a varsity letter onto one of Mike's work cardigans.  Wonder if he'd mind…??  Who am I kidding? I don't sew.  (I staple.)   But here's a pretty fab DIY for those inclined.

Otherwise, Modcloth has a cool letter cardigan (and hey!  One that looks exactly like my sold-out Nordies baseball sweater-jacket)…and I'm also loving the guy's version as ASOS.  Delia's has a cute one, too.


Amy cropped a pair of bootcuts – look how cute!!

I wanted to forward this picture to you…I was so excited when I saw your post about cutting off your boot cut jeans.  My jean inventory was so pitiful that I went on line and bought a pair of Old Navy Diva boot cuts for $19 and cut 'em off and I LOVE THEM!!!!!  As a stay at home mom of two boys I find it really hard to feel stylish (or get motivated to do anything about it) and you (and these) were just what I needed.  


The weather is still nice enough to wear these with sandals or wedges….we'll see how they work in the cooler weather with boots, etc. 

Ooo…me too, Amy.  We need to play around with winterizing these.



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Noel bought the Forever 21 Moto jacket we recommended a few weeks ago.

Thanks for the tip on the Moto jacket/sweatshirt from Forever 21. It came in the mail this weekend – perfect timing for fall in Boston. It's a perfect weight for the next few months and will be great for playing outdoors with my two little guys! Sure beats a hoodie! Thanks again. I'm loving it!

I'm always gratified when I hear that one of our picks is working out well.


Thanks, Mamas!!  I always love to see what you are wearing….






  1. Love the sports chic look and the moto jacket but the $64000 question is where are those sandals from with the cropped boots? Loooooove!

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