Mom Street Style: Unknown Mom With Preppy Khaki Shorts and Tough-Girl Sandals


Ok, so I missed her.  I missed the pic.  But I was busy nursing on one of the few shady benches left.  And Mike and Raines were having a Father's Day round of putt-putt golf, so I couldn't even recruit Mike to take the pic.  (Usually, he's a good sport about that.)  And I didn't want to resort to shrieking, "Hey You!  Mom with the cute shoes…and uhh…shorts??  You in the khaki??  Yes, YOU!  Can you, uh…come over here?  I need to take a one-handed picture of you with my phone while I finish nursing!  Oops!  There's a nipple!"

Cause that's not crazy.  Or creepy.  Or weird.


So I let her go by, memorizing what she was wearing.  And let me tell you:  it was good.

She was in Franklin Square, on Father's Day.  Wearing the Mainline standard of khaki chino shorts.  However, instead of pairing them with usual preppy staples (brightly patterned top and starfish sandals) she toughened them up with a drapy black racerback tank, and cuffed sandals. Like this:





I love how the cuffed sandals take this look in a whole new direction.  Additionally, she had rolled up the legs on her shorts, and half-tucked her drapy tank into the waistband.  Adding an enamel bracelet and throwing a cool black backpack over her shoulder, she was the epitome of city-cool.

Stalker-like, I watched her eat her ice-cream cone and push her stroller away.  Pax finished nursing just then, and grabbed my face in a "pay attention to ME" ploy.  I looked down and saw his big blue eyes and drooly grin.  Ah, bliss.  A mom missed, but no matter.





  1. Nursing helps you slow down and absorb so much more in life I’ve found -such as great outfits! I’m def. stealing this look. Thanks!

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