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When I finally worked up the nerve to nurse my first babe in public (instead of running to the car or planning every outing around feedings), I was daunted to say the least.  And when I faced breastfeeding my second with an on-the-go 19-month-old, the prospect of boob exposure during the regular course of lunging after my toddler terrified me, as does trying to run after a two- and four-year-old going in opposite directions whilst nursing my third bub, so I can absolutely relate to Vera, this week’s fab street style mama.  Vera just had her fourth and was thrilled with the range of motion, not to mention the style, of the DRIA nursing cover S. reviewed last year.

Vera writes:

I just want to say thank you!! I bought the Dria cover after reading your review of it and I LOVE it.  Actually, I am trying really hard not to wear it every single day.  I just had my fourth baby, and despite nursing all my kids until about 18 months, I never used nursing covers – I just thought they were awkward and actually drew MORE attention to the fact that you were breastfeeding.  I had good luck just wearing a cami and a shirt and pulling my shirt up and was pretty discrete about it.  BUT, the Dria is soooo soft and comfy and hides my huge post-c-section pooch, and actually I'm finding that I like being able to nurse in public with it.  Having a very active 21 month old boy, there have been a couple of times that I've been at Starbucks or some place nursing the baby and he decides to do something crazy and I need to react quickly – not something I can do while having my boob hanging out!

Thanks! I'm attaching a pic of the one I got – I love it, even though my hubby is giving me weird looks every morning when I pull it out after trying on fifty other things first LOL!

– Vera C.

For those of you mamas not familiar with the DRIA nursing cover, check it out.  It is the most versatile and fashion-forward piece of nursing gear I have ever encountered, and I don’t think I’ll be shelving it even after I’m done nursing bub #3.  In any of the patterns, it’s a gorgeous, lightweight poncho that’ll kick up the volume on even the most boring outfit.  It covers everything, including you, your babe, the car seat or your stroller, it wads up into a tiny ball, washes well and dries fast and without wrinkles.

Vera, you look amazing in your slouchy boots and nursing poncho! Thanks for sending in your Street Style submission—keep ‘em comin’, Mamas!

– M.


  1. I love this look. I’m not nursing or even pregnant but I swear every time I see this I’m tempted…
    Vera, you look great and that baby… I think I’m in love.

  2. I bought the same cover, in the same stripe, based on your recommendation, and love it as well! My son is 8 months old now, and I still wear it all the time – it also worked great as a sunshade for the stroller – the neck hole makes a perfect airhole/peep hole to check in on sleeping baby, while keeping out of direct sunlight!
    I have to reiterate the NON WRINKLING aspect of the wrap. Its really quite amazing. This thing does NOT wrinkle, and it is smooth and soft and stretchy and probably the most comfy fabric I have ever felt!

  3. I bought this very same cover after Shana’s review, and we never went anywhere without it. I, too, would throw it on just for something cute to wear! My daughter is 15 months now and I very sadly put it away in the maternity box for next time, but it is well worth every penny!

  4. I also love this cover! It has changed my entire attitude about nursing in public. I used to hide in a back bedroom while nursing…those days are over! I love nursing under the Dria in restaurants. The puzzled look on the server’s face like, “Where did the baby go?” is too priceless! No one would ever know that I have a baby (and an exposed boob) under there. Perfect!

  5. Looking good!
    I just recently read Shana’s Dria post and tried to order one. Unfortunately, the price of this exact Dria is advertised at $59.95 until it goes into the shopping cart. Then it jumps to $79.95… I’ve emailed asking for an explanation but with no luck. Bummer…

  6. I have to reiterate the NON WRINKLING aspect of the wrap. Its really quite amazing. This thing does NOT wrinkle, and it is smooth and soft and stretchy and probably the most comfy fabric I have ever felt!

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