Mom Street Style: Viani’s Sophisticated Babywearing Outfits


  Photo-5 For some reason, when babywearing is the order of the day, I tend to reach for my denim.  I almost always go casual (as evidenced by my own mom-style babywearing uniform).

Not so for reader Viani, who was nice enough to send in these pics of her so-very-sophisticated babywearing mom-style. 

Viani is wearing  a maternity dress by Nest (LOVE that she is still getting use out of cute maternity duds), an FCUK long cardigan, puma boots & leggings from nordstrom.  Fab sunnies by Kate Spade.  So. Crazy. Cool.

First of all, why NOT wear maternity clothes??  To be honest, half of my maternity wardrobe doesn't look anything like maternity…we spend so much money on this stuff, let's wear it! 

And secondly, Viani's dress and cardi are both long and sleek, so they would be perfect for layering under her Balboa carrier without worrying about hemlines creeping north.  (A concern voiced by Lane in her article on babywearing style).

Lucky for us, Viani also sent in another outfit, one that she wears in chillier weather.  Voila:


You remember the Burberry anorak I was coveting?  The one we talked about here?  Yup – Viani purchased one similar.  And has been throwing it on over everything (in this case, a Banana Repulic dress).  And looking fabulous.  Everytime.  Cause this jacket has that kind of power.

Nicely done, Viani!  Thank you so much for sending in the pics!  Am feeling SO inspired to try babywearing in a dress.  You just make it look so easy.





  1. Ha! I was just about to write you and see what you thought of wearing maternity clothes AFTER the fact. I know Stacey and Clinton would not approve, but why not, really? It seems so much of the stuff in style these days is long and “flowy” (apparently not a real word, hence the quotes) anyway, so unless you looked at the tags, you wouldn’t even know it was maternity. (Perhaps I am trying to make myself feel better after dropping too much $$$ at Destination Maternity a few weeks ago?) But I promise to draw the line at extending the use of my full panel bottoms:)
    Thanks for sharing these pics. I just bought an H&M anorak-type jacket similar to Viana’s – after being inspired by this website – and am loving it on top of everything in this lovely Spring-like weather!

  2. One of my favorite babywearing outfits is a purpley blue Gap maternity wrap dress I bought after I had my son-I’ve never even worn it pregnant! Lol. But even so, I don’t look as awesome as her when I babywear in a dress-I love the way she accessorizes too. 🙂

  3. Seriously – if the maternity dress looks good…who cares what the label says?
    But maybe I’m trying to justify too many maternity purchases as well…

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