I met my friend Ji-Eun for a little shopping and lunch last week. She is a Korean living here in Japan, and while she may not be as obvious a foreigner as I am by first glance, she gets equally as confused when people speak to her in Japanese. But her English is AMAZING (she learned from 'Sex and the City' and Desperate Housewives' mostly, so take that Rosetta Stone!) and therefore we are attached at the hip whether she likes it or not.

Her son 9 month old son Jun-Ho put us to shame by riding quietly in his Ergo while we shopped, meanwhile Vesper tore up and down the aisles pulling down anything she fancied (mostly bras? was she trying to tell me something?) and doing disappearing acts under the racks of clothes.  Somehow I managed to spend $100 anyway, so she must not have been too distracting.

Ji-Eun was dressed perfectly for baby-wearing, according to some of my own basic rules, by layering, choosing a neutral but patterned cardigan, practical yet fun and cool boots and my personal favorite part of the outfit, and adorable hair-clip just out of the reach of Jun Ho's grabby hands!


– Lane


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  1. I love this outfit, though I always feel awkward in the long cardis. She really makes it work. The hair clip is adorable and clever – could have used that when my kids were younger and grabbing my hair as they nursed!

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