Momified! I Cropped My Bootcuts Like Revolve Clothing’s Editor Picks



Yup.  I'm wearing bootcut denim.  I know!!  But a few weeks ago, I received an email from Revolve Clothing, entitled "The Editor's Picks".

Peer into the stylish minds of REVOLVE's editors as they divulge their favorite fall trends.

Well, hell yeah. Bring it.  Know what caught my eye?


I mean OK:  my first reaction may have been a small sob acknowledging that my abs will never look that way again.  (Or, uh, previously…but whatever.)

But then – THEN – as Mo Williams says in Knuffle Bunny
…."Trixie realized something."


Cropped, yes…one might even call them bootcut in disguise, but that is definitely some bootcut denim.  And since no child of the 90's fears a scissored hem….I decided to make my own.  

Hello, crappy bootcuts in my Goodwill pile.  Come and play with me. 


And since I'm blatantly copying the editor's outfit….I might as well go all the way (headscarf, etc.).  Where is my cropped top, you wonder?


(wearing:  similar shaped tankcool headscarfsandals)


Whoopsie! THERE IT IS! That sliver of skin?  Yup.  My cropped top.

Now let's talk about this headscarf thing for a minute.  Do any of you do this?  I love how they look, but this thing only lasted half the day.  First it started to get wide…which left me feeling very Pocahontas-meets-Axle-Rose….and then really, really low.  


I mean.  Do I even have eyebrows?  That's what I'm saying.  Rhiannon, what am I doing wrong?

But I guess it works with my main accessory: that sweet child o' mine.  With eyes of the bluest skies.

Childs.  Childs o' mine.



This ridiculousness is another one of Philly's parks – The Oval.  Sunday is "Sunday Fun Day" so they bring out blocks, life-size chess, twister, sandboxes, etc.  They just need better food trucks, and then life would be perfect.  (Although, I was pretty happy with my instagrammed popsicle from Lil' Pop Shop.)


All in all, a good day.  We've been hitting the parks a bunch lately.  Easier on the kids, and I can stretch out when I get too tired.  This mat has been my saving grace.  And we have a big week of doc appointments this week…so keep your fingers crossed for me, Mamas.  




  1. Super cute. I chopped a pair of bootcuts to cutoff shorts today. As I read your post an internal “nnnnoooooo” went through my head.
    Those would have been perfect candidates for this look…. but, c’est la vie. Maybe there’s another pair shoved away somewhere in my closet.

  2. I have the same problem with headscarves- I love them but they tend to go wonky after a couple hours (maybe because of head sweat. There I said it).
    Best wishes this week on all the appointments/!

  3. I accidentally read this as ‘boobcut’ jeans the first time! OOPS! (hopefully you find this funny and aren’t offended)
    good luck with your appointments – lots of good thoughts headed your way!

  4. A few hours for the head scarf I can’t even get mine to last one. I think I have a weird shaped head cause I can’t make the black head band and bun thing work either. Love the crops might have to get out the scissors.

  5. Thinking only good thoughts for you today, S! I adore your child of the 90s sensibilities and am plotting a perusal of the bootcut archives while my eyes of the bluest skies (and I thought I was the only one to sing that for their littles!) are napping. And I always look Axl in a scarf so, yeah… Rock it, Mama!

  6. Awesomeness, a use for my bootcuts (no, not from Goodwill, this child o’ the ’90s still has some in her CLOSET. Ugh.) Those beige sandals are so versitile, and you look HOT in a headscarf – reminded me of Andee Layne trying out (and rejecting) the half-turban trend on The Honeybee a couple weeks back. Always makes me happy when real folks like you road test the trends – I don’t feel so out of it for staying away from at least some of them!

  7. I am with you on the head scarf thing. For the first 5 minutes, I look all sassy. And then about 45 minutes in, it either starts sliding forward, or sliding back. Maybe it requires a special skull shape? 😉
    Now I want to go to Goodwill and get some bootcut jeans just so I can crop them!

  8. You are rocking that look even better than that Revolve model, girl! Your line about 90’s kids not fearing a scissored hem cracked me up…so true!

  9. Yes!
    I’m holding onto my bootcut jeans because they are assuredly coming back in someday and you just can’t buy the quality of denim (for the price, at least) that you used to. But I do have a cheap pair perfect for this treatment!
    I lost a favorite scarf when it unknowingly slipped off the back of my head wearing it like that. I’ll never do it again!
    Fingers crossed for you <3

  10. Good luck with the doctors appointments!
    Also, I think we need you to do some more research on this headscarf issue. Mine will stay on for 1-2 hours max, slowly slipping up and back over my head. Then I’ll give up for a few months and try it again with the same result. Is the solution a different material, bobby pins, what? I haven’t been able to figure it out.
    Love the blog, as always!

  11. Loverz it. Now I want to try it!…as well as the head scarf. I have the same problem though…gets wider and wider until it’s either drooping down into my face OR going the other way and becoming a full-on Strega Nona deal. Hmmm. Dilemmas, right?

  12. you look adorable….Definately going to cut some!! is there a better length? above ankle?…good luck today and the rest of the week too!
    Please keep us posted..

  13. The jeans are great…but how have we managed to miss The Oval? I must have walked literally right by it and not noticed a thing? Plans for this weekend!!

  14. Just started reading your blog, so the reply is late. Head scarves only work for me if I have the hair all up above the scarf, like the model. Then there’s nothing slippery under it, and it stays up – mostly.
    Which brings up the issue – hair or no hair, you’ll be a Chemo Role Model. If anyone can show us what bald chic looks like, it is you. All good wishes your way for September!

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