3910ChloeCape_3190Web I have been drooling over this outfit since last March, when The Sartorialist posted it from ParisSigh.  This is an outfit that makes my heart beat fast.  One of the reasons I love it so is the fact that it is a perfect blend of sophistication with a casual, irreverent vibe.  The light, destroyed jeans, the sneaker/bowling inspired wedge are both paired with a serious bag and gorgeous cape.  Perfection!

However, I will acknowledge, fabulous as it is…it's not exactly mom-friendly.  Most of us, while going through the whole morning routine with kiddos (feeding/changing/wiping noses & hands, wrestling toddlers into pants, etc.) don't typically reach for our $800 Chloe wedge boots, or our stunning beige capes. 

However, now that stores are finally stocking various versions of the trends pictured in the photo (capes, lace-up boots), this look can finally be translated into mom-friendly versions. 

Yup – I said versions.  There's more than one way to translate this look!

Let's get started:

The Most Literal (Yet Still Somewhat Mom-Friendly) Translation

If you love this outfit, will dream about this outfit, and vow to wear this outfit everyday…then this translation is for you.  Please note that it does include high heels.  (I'm noticing more & more moms are embracing a higher heel when running errands, going to the museum, etc.  Are you one of these moms?)

The high heel is necessary for the literal translation.  However, instead of an $800 Chloe wedge (sigh. so fabulous), I think a more mom-friendly version would be the tough-soled, high heeled hiker-inspired boot by Dolce Vita. At least this boot will be fairly sturdy on ice and snow, but still give you the higher height.

Another Possible Translation

The key to understanding this translation is to keep in mind that we are going for a blend of sophistication with a bit of casual ease.  Nothing too serious.  This translation is perfect for moms who prefer to show off some waist.

It works because the Banana Republic coat has long, clean lines (just like the cape), and evokes the same feeling:  total sophistication.  Because the coat is shorter and less overwhelming, a heel isn't necessary. Some funky lace-up boots from Need Supply, an easy canvas bag from AE (trimmed in leather!), and some destroyed skinny jeans round out the look.

The Most Mom-Friendly Translation

Did anyone pick up that Old Navy Cape we featured while talking about interesting sweaters?  If you did, this is a perfect way to rock it.  However, any cozy knit poncho or cape-style sweater would work.  Pair the knit with bags that  have a touch of sophistication (again – the leather and canvas drool-worthy bag below is from AE for only $40), and some cool lace-up boots.  I actually love this look with fab snow boots.  Just be sure to try cuffing them over top of the boot.  Straight-leg jeans work really well with this look, or even your boot-cut jeans (but cuff them, people!  CUFF them!).




  1. I think this is cute but I can’t see myself wearing it. I think it’s just my “afraid to take fashion risks” thing. In my book, this is risky. Ha ha. But I am slowly branching out. Keep the ideas coming!

  2. Okay. Definitely need a pair of lace-up boots….like NOW.
    And another note–the cape is the MOST pregnancy-friendly coat out there. I wore one all last winter while I was sporting a bump (and my real winter coats wouldn’t button). If you’re preggo and facing the winter coat conundrum, go buy a cape! (I bought mine very cheap at Target, but it’s still adorable.)

  3. Okay, I have saved two ponchos for years…one black knit with some fringe and one off-white, chunky, cowl neck….Does this mean I can wear them again? I loooove them.

  4. Rachel – Totally agree. One of my all time favs.
    Lisa – Fashion is funny. So often I’ll see something in a magazine and think WTF? And then see the same article a few months later and LOVE it. I think part of embracing new styles is just exposure (you have to see them) and time (you have to get used to them). It’ll be interesting to see what you consider “risky” a year from now. 🙂 Thanks for the comment!!
    Amy – Yes, yes, yes. Capes are totally perfect for both pregnancy AND post-partum. Well said.
    Kristen – Bust ’em out, girl!! Ponchos are totally back!!

  5. Okay – I have to stop lurking now – been loving your website for a few months now – thanks for all the great inspiration. I totally love this look, but I have to say I’ve been avoiding the cape look because it felt so mom un-friendly (draping fabric hanging in the way of chasing little people, etc.), but I may have to reconsider! Thanks for all the advice 🙂 – Beth

  6. Emily — Thanks, girl! So happy we could help!
    Beth – Thanks for the comment – so glad you are no longer lurking. 🙂 But your point is a good one. I had a cape-like thingy when R was first born, and it was a godsend with newborns (esp if you are nursing). Now….it’s harder. Playground…not so much. Running errands or museum stops? Much, much better.

  7. Hi, I am in LOVE with your blog. It’s really helped me bring my style up to date and the best part is that it’s geared toward moms! So awesome. Anyway, can you explain the reason for the cuff-age? And should it hit the top of the boot (what if it’s kind of a tall lace-up?) or the bottom of the ankle or what? I’m trying to figure out why it looks cool and why the shape works. Many thanks!

  8. Lauren – Thanks for the nice comments! Much appreciated. 🙂
    The cuff-age…a very good question. In a nutshell, it’s just a much more stylish looking option. Else, you end up in an outfit that looks like a straight leg (or skinny) jean with a fairly masculine, flat, boring shoe peeking out at the bottom. It’s not a faux-pas or anything…it’s just a bit blah.
    In terms of how high to cuff…it really depends on your jean, your boot, and your shape. A nice place to start is an inch or two above the ankle bone, and then go up from there.
    Hmmmmm…this might actually be worth an article. It always takes me a while to figure out where the cuff should be. Once I get this baby outta here (a few more days!!) and can fit back into something other than leggings, I’ll work on it!

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