Momiform Style Inspiration: Leggings and Lace-Up Boots


Screen shot 2011-01-06 at 10.21.08 PM Reader Emily left this comment on our article, The Short Boot Dilemma:

Can we get a picture of short lace-ups with leggings? I own both and can't see them working together…

Since then, I've been looking for a cool outfit picture that not only shows the short lace-up boots paired with leggings…but one that is also mom-friendly.  I think I finally found it.

The look pictured at left is courtesy of Need Supply, who styled this outfit to show off the gorgeous Anorak Jacket.

Mom-friendly? Oh let me count the ways:

1.  Layering a short dress over leggings helps with bum-coverage in a way that long tops often do not.

2. Leggings are super comfortable, washable, cheap, and fit everyone.

3.  Hello, flat boots!

4. Little dresses like these are a dime-a-dozen these days.  And so effortless.

5.  This outfit can easily be layered for warmth.

So…how to re-create?

This little Mimi Chica Ruffle Sleeve dress is from Nordstrom's BP department (for "juniors") and only costs $44.  It actually comes in various prints/colors.  These dresses are crazy flattering for the large chested, upper arm sensitive, and slightly stomach-poochy.  In other words…perfect for moms.  Nursing?  I went up a size, and by shimming the neckline down a bit…was actually able to nurse in this baby.  (Granted, it's no easy-access nursing cami, but it can be done.)

While I like Need Supply's Anorak Jacket, it's a bit too silky / dry-clean-only for my mom sensibilities.  I'd throw on AE's version instead.  To warm it up even further, you can layer your big down parka over the whole thing, and/or layer a turtleneck under the dress.

While the picture shows just the lace-up boot and legging, I really like the look of an inch or two of sock peeking out of the top of the boot.




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