Bachata Lessons with Laurel: A Fun 20-Minute Beginner’s Dance Workout


For me, dancing is THE best workout for my body, mind and spirit. Music and movement allows me to escape from the world for just a moment, to be present in my body and feel the utmost joy. Throughout this Bachata dance workout video series, it’s important to me that you have fun moving your body.

Learning To Dance: Take Your Time

It takes time to understand all the body mechanics of Latin dance but once you do your whole body will feel it, especially your legs and core. Dancing will work your muscles starting from the floor, through your legs and all the way up to your back and arms. I’ve designed this four part mini-series to start you at the beginning and level up in each video, ending with a short celebratory routine. Within each video, I will give you ways to improve your technique — which in turn will increase your workout. Do the best you can and every time it will get easier and easier!

Start With This Bachata Basics Dance Workout

This is a great video for beginners or for anyone that wants to get their bodies moving. Focus on the footwork and the timing. Once you feel confident with that, go in and really dance your heart out!! Push into the floor, use your hips, and move your shoulders and arms. All of this body movement will bring your heart rate up and help fatigue your muscles — leaving you sweaty and happy! Once you’ve mastered this first video move onto Bachata Lessons 2, for Advanced Beginner.

My Go-To Dance Cardio Workout Outfit

Between teaching dance classes and private lessons, and being a mom of a young teenager (and a pup), I need my athletic wear to be comfortable and put-together looking all day long — especially those days I don’t have time to run home and re-set. Everything I dance in is going to get a lot of wear! As I say in the video, the best workouts are the ones that make you feel joy — comfortable and colorful outfits is part of my joy!

Lululemon Leggings & Workout Tank Top

I love these lululemon leggings. I’ve had them forever. They are super comfortable. The waist isn’t too too high without being low-rise. The mesh is my favorite part, adding a little sexy to the basic black legging. Unfortunately, I don’t think they make that exact version anymore…but if you know something I don’t please let me know — I need a new pair!

This lululemon racerback tank makes me happy! The color is highlight yellow and it’s true to its name — it glows! (#barbiecore?) The fabric is super lightweight and soft, perfect for a Philly heatwave.

Fuego Dance Sneakers

My sneakers are always Fuegos. They’re the best dance sneakers I’ve ever worn that still look like a regular sneaker. (I am planning another post to tell you even more about why I love them so much.) These shoes would also be good for working out/lifting weights because they are a flat-bottom shoe. Note: they are not running shoes.

Please let me know if you have any questions about Bachata, the steps or the body movement in the video. I would be happy to hear from you and give you extra help, videos or advice.



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Laurel Card, based in Philadelphia, is a celebrated Latin dance instructor and the Owner and Director of Laurel Card Latin Dance. With 20+ years of experience, she specializes in Salsa, Bachata, and her - unique!! - Latin House classes, certified by DVIDA and recognized by the National Dance Council of America. Laurel brings her expertise and passion to The Mom Edit, offering dance and fitness tutorials tailored for women over 40, from bachata basics to dance workouts and weightlifting series. She fosters a welcoming atmosphere for all skill levels, emphasizing the joy and confidence movement can instill. Laurel lives outside Philadelphia with her daughter, Gia, three dogs, and a cat. Read more about Laurel (and see her class schedule) here:


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