Dance Class With Laurel: 20-Minute Workout + “Que Calor” Combo


Follow-along dance classes and workouts are generally pretty easy, am I right? The moves may be challenging and the workout part exhausting, but repeating and following is easy. I mean, we did it during play as children.

On the other hand, learning a routine and memorizing it in order to dance it, is a whole other thing. It makes our brains work in a totally different way and some of our brains just don’t work that way. But with practice, they can. Dancing is just so good for our bodies and our brains. This is why I teach my class format the way that I do — even if you can’t dance live with me here in Philly you can benefit from this 3-video series that mimics a live class format. In a live class scenario, we would drill and dance for three weeks (one class a week) and on the fourth week, we would be ready to dance it full out over and over until we collapse.

A Full Reggaeton Dance Workout & Routine To “Que Calor”

In my latest video series, you can try all this at home. Do the workout and tutorial about three times each (spread them out over a couple of weeks) and then head over to the combo video and dance it out.

“Que Calor” 20-Minute Reggaeton Dance Workout: Follow Along

This first video, my follow-along 20-minute workout, is for your body. It’s a lot of repetition, breaking it down, dancing it slow and fast, and getting it into your muscle memory. You don’t have to think too much just follow along, just sweat and work out that body of yours. Hint: I drill each step in the order of the actual combo so as you learn each move your body is also muscle memorizing the movement order of the combo and it doesn’t even know it (wink, wink).

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“Que Calor” Choreography Tutorial: Breaking Down The Steps

The second video is for your brain. In my “Que Calor” choreo tutorial, you have to remember the order of steps but I will be there to help you along. We add each section slowly and repeat it a lot. The best part of this section is you have to be present in the moment. You cannot think about work or your to-do list! You are HERE in the NOW and jeez, don’t we all need a mental break from life sometimes?

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“Que Calor” Combo: Put It All Together!

Last, but not least, my “Que Calor” choreo combo. This is your body and brain on cruise control because you have drilled and practiced it and now it’s time to escape into the music and dance. I don’t exactly know how to explain this but it’s as if nothing and no one else exists for this moment. You are fully IN IT, transported, out-of-body and this is the magic. This is where true bliss lives. This is why you feel so good and soar on that “dancer’s high” long after you have finished. This is why we dance!

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I hope you enjoyed this series whether you dance them all or just choose one. If you chose the live class experience I mentioned above, tell me, how did you feel? Why do you dance? For more of my dance combos & workouts, visit The Mom Edit on Youtube.

See you soon!



Workout Alert! Reggaeton Tutorial + Dance Class to "Que Calor" by Major Lazer.
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Laurel is a Latin dance instructor (and dear friend!) based in Philadelphia. Now, she's sharing those dance skills with The Mom Edit community -- keep an eye out for fun, inspiring dance videos by Laurel where you can learn everything from bachata basics to a full-blown dance workout routine. Keep an eye out for her posts on Youtube, IG and of course, our blog!

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