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Hey, my friends! It’s me, Laurel. A quick re-introduction — I’m a mom and dance instructor here in Philly. S and many other people on the TME team have been taking my classes for years! We sweat, we laugh, we make mistakes, we breathe, and we have a lot of fun. I mostly teach Salsa, Bachata, and Latin House — these styles make us feel powerful and grounded, and other times soft and sensual. Either way, I’m here to encourage you to get up and start moving.

This time of year especially — with shorter days and holiday obligations — it can be hard to feel connected to your body. But it’s so important! For me, dance is a way to connect to myself, to get really sweaty and dance to music that makes me happy. Plus, the challenge of learning something new can shake me out of a rut. So…let’s dance! You don’t need any equipment to get started with dance classes — you don’t even need to leave the house. But of course… a cute workout outfit can be a fun confidence boost!

A Reggaeton Dance Class In 3 Parts!

Here it is! The FULL Reggaeton dance class experience. I start off with a follow along dance workout that drills body movements. Get sweaty, breathe, and drink water! Next, this tutorial breaks down the routine, so you can start putting steps together. To finish it off, perform the routine to J.Balvin’s “Amarillo” …on repeat! Whether you’re brand new to dancing or a long-time reggaeton dance fanatic, this dance workout will get you moving.

You can always rewind as many times as you need — go at your own pace. Once you’ve got it, dance it full out with me! Pour all of you, all of your feelings, into your dancing. Dance is a form of therapy — use it. You will feel worked. You will feel like you expressed yourself without needing to say a word. You will feel joy!!!

My Dance Workout Clothes: adidas Sweatpants | Champion Sweatpants (they’re men’s 😉) | Athleta Longline Bra | Fuego Dance Shoes

Reggaeton Follow Along: Cardio Workout & Dance Drills

Follow along with this 30-minute cardio dance workout that drills body rolls, 2-steps & more choreography to fun, high-tempo reggaeton songs. Time to sweat!

Learn A Reggaeton Routine: J.Balvin “Amarillo” Choreography Tutorial

In this dance tutorial, I guide you through the choreography of a short routine to the reggaeton song “Amarillo” by J.Balvin. This builds on drills in the cardio dance workout above — combining the movements and setting them to rhythm.

Put It All Together: Perform A Reggaeton Dance Combo

Time to perform! This combo is intended to be danced three times in a row — and yes, you’ll be exhausted by the end, but also floating on that dancer’s high.

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So, how did it go? Let us know in the comments! Shout out to my dancing friends Chloe Rabinowitz and Angela Ferrizzi who perform this choreography with me. Do you have a bestie who motivates you to get up and dance? Be sure to subscribe over on Youtube to never miss one of my videos!

See you next time, xoxo

~ Laurel

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Laurel Card, based in Philadelphia, is a celebrated Latin dance instructor and the Owner and Director of Laurel Card Latin Dance. With 20+ years of experience, she specializes in Salsa, Bachata, and her - unique!! - Latin House classes, certified by DVIDA and recognized by the National Dance Council of America. Laurel brings her expertise and passion to The Mom Edit, offering dance and fitness tutorials tailored for women over 40, from bachata basics to dance workouts and weightlifting series. She fosters a welcoming atmosphere for all skill levels, emphasizing the joy and confidence movement can instill. Laurel lives outside Philadelphia with her daughter, Gia, three dogs, and a cat. Read more about Laurel (and see her class schedule) here:

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