Dance Class With Laurel: A Workout For Your Lower Back, Core & Legs


As these winter(ish) months continue, I notice myself longing for sunshine, sand between my toes, the sound of waves and tropical music. Anybody else?

I’ve begun choosing songs to dance to that have a spring/summer energy to them — let’s will ALL the warm weather with dance! That’s why “Ulala” by Myke Towers and Daddy Yankee was the perfect choice for my latest Dance Class series.

In this dance workout, we’re targeting the lower back muscles. In my opinion, this is a hard area to hit unless you’re regularly at the gym doing deadlifts and back extensions. Or maybe, if you’re a mom like me, you’re targeting those muscles by cleaning up after your kids all the time, haha. Think: lower back crunches, and you’re ready to go!

Learn To Dance Hip-Hop: 3-Part Series Ft. A Workout, Tutorial + Routine

This week, get into hip-hop class with me and do all three videos. A normal in-person class is an hour long, so come get your booty kicked and your muscles on fire.

In the first video below (the workout), learn the combo while you continue to sweat it out. In the second video (the dance tutorial), transport yourself to the beach, drink in hand. Then, put it all together in our final combo video.

You can easily follow along with the three-part series below, or head on over to The Mom Edit’s YouTube channel to check out even more of my dance videos. We want you to feel like you’re actually in dance class with us — no matter where you may be.

This lululemon workout set is the perfect combination of sexy & badass.

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P.S. The lululemon workout set above is the perfect combination of sexy and badass. And I love it. In two of the videos below, I’m wearing these Scuba High-Rise Relaxed Joggers and this Ribbed Asymmetrical Yoga Bra. Put on this outfit, and tell me your dancing doesn’t take on a whole new personality!

Now, let’s get to class…

Get Sweatin’: Follow-Along Cardio Dance Workout

Start here. Want to give your lower back, core and legs a little extra love today? Dance with me in this quick workout. Remember to isolate your hips. Keep your upper back from joining in too much, and engage your core by pulling your belly button in toward your spine.

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Learn The Routine: Beginner Latin Hip-Hop Tutorial

Next, we’ll head into the hip-hop dance tutorial and continue dancing away those stubborn love handles. You’ll feel the muscles in your lower back getting worked and tired, but keep it up — we’re almost done. You’ve got this!!

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Dance It Out: Latin Hip-Hop Routine To “Ulala” By Myke Towers & Daddy Yankee

You’ve made it to the final section! Now, dance your heart out to “Ulala” by Myke Towers and Daddy Yankee. Dance the hip-hop choreography you learned in the tutorial — or just dance how YOU feel. What’s most important is that we’re moving our bodies together, for our health, for the mental escape & for joy.

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Awesome job! Dance is the perfect workout, don’t you think?! Hopefully, this dance brought out some sunshine for you. Meet me on The Mom Edit’s YouTube channel every week for a new dance-workout series.



In this dance class, we're getting into hip-hop! The cardio workout, tutorial & routine will get your heart pumpin', & Latin music will get your hips movin'. Let's go.
In this dance class, we're getting into hip-hop! The cardio workout, tutorial & routine will get your heart pumpin', & Latin music will get your hips movin'. Let's go.
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Laurel is a Latin dance instructor (and dear friend!) based in Philadelphia. Now, she's sharing those dance skills with The Mom Edit community -- keep an eye out for fun, inspiring dance videos by Laurel where you can learn everything from bachata basics to a full-blown dance workout routine. Keep an eye out for her posts on Youtube, IG and of course, our blog!

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