Salsa Workouts You Can Do In 15 Minutes Or Less: Dance Class With Laurel


When I create these dance workouts, I don’t want my students just moving around with no awareness or without learning anything. These aren’t Zumba workouts (no offense, Zumba).

In these cardio dance workouts, I’m teaching you the real dance, and I’m sharing with you actual salsa or Latin techniques used in these dance forms. This IS a real dance class, after all! We call it a workout or dance fitness because dance IS a workout. And sometimes calling what I do “dance fitness” opens it up to people who may be too nervous to take a dance class or those who think they can’t dance. (P.S. YOU can dance! But we’ll get to that in another post.)

When you take the techniques I show you and really work to execute them in your movement, the intensity of your dance workout will increase 100%.

Better Than Zumba: 3 Quick Salsa-Inspired Cardio Dance Workouts

I remember when I first started teaching these classes in the mornings. Many of the TME ladies would attend learning the same technique and movement I share with you in these videos. They would watch me and exclaim, “I don’t look like you!! And I’m not even sweating! Why am I not sweating at all and you’re dripping?”

It hadn’t clicked for them that in order to get the look and to burn the muscles, sweat like crazy, and get that intense workout they had to apply the Latin technique. Always staying on the front of your foot, pushing through the legs, core engaged, hips and ribs rotating opposite, and cardio. It’s like jumping rope and using one of the twisting ab-training machines all at once.

Once this clicks, once it happens within your body, then watch out! You’ll look amazing and feel amazing. Your body will change, and you’ll be dripping in sweat, even when dancing for just one salsa song (three to five minutes).

Now, who doesn’t want a quick workout like that?!?

Check out the salsa dance workouts below. Each one gets a little bit harder. Go through each one at a time (it ends up being about a 30-minute workout), or try them on separate days. Find the one you like the best and use that as your quick dance workout, quick pick-me-up, quick mood enhancer — whatever you need.

Start here with Level 1 of this salsa workout series!

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Pay attention to what your body is doing, and you can get an amazing workout dancing salsa! Ready for Level 2? Let’s go.

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This 6-minute salsa workout will get you up and moving and feeling good!

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Let me know which you like better — 1, 2 or 3? Are you able to take the technique into your movements? It might take a few weeks, some longer than others, but the body WILL learn it. It’s a pretty awesome feeling.

See you in the next videos. Keep on the look out for my upcoming workout videos using body-weight resistance training. Make sure you subscribe and turn on your TME notifications!

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My cardio dance workouts aren't Zumba classes (they're better). In these 3 quick + fun exercise videos, I teach real salsa moves while working those muscles. Time to sweat!
My cardio dance workouts aren't Zumba classes (they're better). In these 3 quick + fun exercise videos, I teach real salsa moves while working those muscles. Time to sweat!
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Laurel Card, based in Philadelphia, is a celebrated Latin dance instructor and the Owner and Director of Laurel Card Latin Dance. With 20+ years of experience, she specializes in Salsa, Bachata, and her - unique!! - Latin House classes, certified by DVIDA and recognized by the National Dance Council of America. Laurel brings her expertise and passion to The Mom Edit, offering dance and fitness tutorials tailored for women over 40, from bachata basics to dance workouts and weightlifting series. She fosters a welcoming atmosphere for all skill levels, emphasizing the joy and confidence movement can instill. Laurel lives outside Philadelphia with her daughter, Gia, three dogs, and a cat. Read more about Laurel (and see her class schedule) here:

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