Dance Class with Laurel: Low-Impact Bachata Workout


Do you ever have one of those days where you know you have to get a workout in but just don’t feel like it?

You’re not in the mood, your energy is low, it’s gloomy and rainy or you have a ton of other things to do. People never believe it, but I feel that way a lot. Honestly, I think we all feel that way a lot…and that’s ok. What I do know is, if I make myself get up and dance I will feel 110% better than I did before. I know I will be energized, happy and motivated. Still, despite knowing this, I struggle.

Those kinds of days call for Bachata. Bachata feels good in your body on the days you are tired, stressed, or just in a bad mood. There’s no jumping or heavy strain on your muscles. It’s a feel-good, sexy dance.

A Bachata Dance Fitness Class & Low-Impact Workout to “Amantes” By Becky G

For the experience of an entire dance class, do all three videos below, starting with the Bachata workout, followed by my Bachata dance tutorial, and then join me in the combo video where we feel the joy and let it pour out of us through our movements.

30-Minute Bachata Follow Along: Low-Impact Dance Workout

My Bachata Dance Follow Along is the perfect low-impact dance workout for those days when movement just feels…hard. If you haven’t done my beginner Bachata Basics video, do that first. It will go over all the basics & timing you’ll need to seamlessly jump into this workout below. Make sure you pay attention to your posture, engage your core and push through your legs. I will tell you how to engage your core and then remind you a lot throughout this video to hold your core. By doing these 3 things while dancing, you WILL feel your muscles work and you WILL get a little sweaty.

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Bachata Dance Tutorial: “Amantes” By Becky G.

Now that you’ve done the Follow Along video, it’s time to take those moves and put them into a combo. Spoiler: if you’ve already done the workout above, you pretty much know the combo already. In this Bachata Dance Tutorial, we’ll add some of the final details that make these moves into a full dance.

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“Amantes” Choreography: Try Bachata In Heels!

You ready? Let’s dance it out!  If you need a little lift in your day or week, throw on a cute outfit that makes you feel good, put on some heels, and perform the entire “Amantes” combo with me! Heels will definitely increase the intensity of this dance. Warning: Make sure your heels have a back and a buckle or zip. Keep your steps under you (NO wider than your shoulders) and hold your core! (It’s also fine to stick to sneakers.) We will work our way through the song by doing four rounds of the combo with small breaks in between.

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So…how did it go?! I love doing Bachata when I want to move my body and get a good workout but in a low-impact kind of way. It’s the kind of dance you can still do if you have sore muscles, feel physically burnt out, or are caring for minor injuries. Bachata is a dance you can do forever, with no age limit.

So, if you are feeling physically and emotionally exhausted — I hope these videos were able to help you get going. They are guaranteed to lift your spirits and make your body feel good.

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A low-impact workout + YouTube dance fitness class to "Amantes" by Becky G.
Practice Bachata in this YouTube dance fitness class to "Amantes" by Becky G.

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Laurel Card, based in Philadelphia, is a celebrated Latin dance instructor and the Owner and Director of Laurel Card Latin Dance. With 20+ years of experience, she specializes in Salsa, Bachata, and her - unique!! - Latin House classes, certified by DVIDA and recognized by the National Dance Council of America. Laurel brings her expertise and passion to The Mom Edit, offering dance and fitness tutorials tailored for women over 40, from bachata basics to dance workouts and weightlifting series. She fosters a welcoming atmosphere for all skill levels, emphasizing the joy and confidence movement can instill. Laurel lives outside Philadelphia with her daughter, Gia, three dogs, and a cat. Read more about Laurel (and see her class schedule) here:

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