Style & Life: An Interview With Author Nancy Torres


Nancy is a child of Ecuador. Her parents migrated to the U.S. when she was a little girl. I had the fortune of meeting her through IG a few years ago and quickly connected over a lunch date. We had the same last name, we both had lived in Queens, NY and were now in the suburbs missing all the food and culture, and lastly, we were both in the arduous job of raising bilingual and bicultural kids.

Last year when my mental health declined, and I left social media for months, she went above and beyond to make me feel loved. She hosted my boys and me in her home and gave us fun-filled afternoons with her little boy.

This speaks volumes about the amazing human she is.

A Life & Style Interview With Nancy Torres: Author, Childhood Educator + Meditation Guide

Nancy is a bilingual, Spanish-speaking Ecuadorian-American raising her bilingual son in New York. She's a childhood educator, meditation guide + children's book author.

Nancy is a bilingual, Spanish-speaking Ecuadorian American who lives in New York with her husband and little boy. She’s a childhood educator, meditation guide and children’s book author. In her bilingual book, Say It With Me (Dilo Conmigo), she teaches kids the powerful practice of affirmations — something she teaches her little boy and students, and more importantly, practices herself.

My kids loved this book, and now we play the “Dilo Conmigo” game all the time. It’s also helped ME be more conscious about my negative self-talk (thank you, Trauma!) But now, it’s her time to shine.

Nancy Torres On Style, Writing & Teaching

1. Describe yourself in one sentence.

I am a Mama, Children’s Author, School Teacher, Meditation Guide who is kind, funny, loving, and loves chocolate!

2. What’s life like these days? Can you give our readers a little rundown on what you do?

Wake up, get ready, go to school, teach awesome 2nd graders, get home and work on promotion of my children’s debut book Say It With Me (Dilo Conmigo), interview podcast, come downstairs and be mama and wife hat, have dinner, bedtime ready, do some more SIWM work, have something sweet (chocolate chip cookie most likely) shower and bed. Please note that a dance party, meditation, or journal writing is included! Also, some tv watching 🙂

3. Describe your personal style in three words.

Casual, chic, and date-night ready!

4. Who are your style icons?

Julieta Torres, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez

5. What are the 4 most-worn pieces in your closet? How has your style changed since becoming a mother?

AllSaints Leather Jacket, Levi’s Ribcage or Madewell jeans, a black long-sleeve or shirt, and a toss-up between my Converse high-tops or if it is just clothing, denim or a white button-down. Last summer, I added Sesame Street shirts to my closet because Sebastian was obsessed, haha!

7. What inspired you to write a children’s book? 

I wish I had learned about affirmations when I was a child. I wrote it for children and with my son in my heart; I also wrote it for my younger self and the adults who read it. Learning the powerful practice of affirmations and self-love is game-changing and should be part of our foundations — the same as learning the alphabet, etc.,

Nancy is a bilingual, Spanish-speaking Ecuadorian-American raising her bilingual son in New York. She's a childhood educator, meditation guide + children's book author.

Say It With Me (Dilo conmigo) l Amazon

8. I love your daily shares on IG (@iamnancytorres), and I know you’re intentional about self-care. In what ways do you practice self-care?

I journal, pray, use post-its to write affirmations, have a dance party, meditate. I usually carry my journal with me during the day with the hopes of writing for a few minutes:)

9. Top three beauty products. Go…

Mac – Warm Soul blush and Deelight lipgloss, and if doing red lips Senegence Blu-Red LipSense and Lip Gloss.

10. How do you stay anchored to your purpose?

My son. He is my north star. 

11. 4 books you’d recommend:

The Alchemist, This Book is Antiracist, Untamed, and Say it With Me!

12. What values are you hoping to instill in your children?

Kindness and Respect to all, including themselves; to have fun; to follow their dreams; and to keep their faith in the center of their lives.

13. Last but not least, how do you raise Sebastian bilingual and bicultural?
Nancy is a bilingual, Spanish-speaking Ecuadorian-American raising her bilingual son in New York. She's a childhood educator, meditation guide + children's book author.

It’s hard. My husband doesn’t speak Spanish, and my dominant language is English, but I do my best. Exposure to language, Ecuadorian food, with the support of Abuelitos y Tías y Tío. Through the art and photos we have displayed at home, clothing with Ecuadorian flag when a baby (onesie) and now sports jersey. Last year I went back to work after staying home with him for some time, and finding child care support that is also Ecuadorian has been a big help. It exposes him to language, Ecuadorian sayings. When it is safe for us to travel (due to the pandemic and pregnancy,) we will be visiting Ecuador! 

I was recently a guest on a podcast and Maritere said something like this: “Nancy, your dominant language is English but you’re still bilingual.” It took the pressure off, and I know that even if his dominant language is not Spanish, he can still be bilingual just like me.

Let’s Help Students In Need With “Say It With Me”

Say It With Me (Dilo Conmigo) is published by Wheat Penny Press and is part of their nonprofit initiative, Little Readers Big Change, which provides free books, mental wellness tools, and writing workshops for students in grades PreK-8, public libraries, and community organizations. Every book purchase will contribute to getting free resources to students in need.


Are you as in love with Nancy as I am?


Nancy and Julieta

You can learn more about Nancy through her Instagram (@iamnancytorres). She’s now expecting her second child and it’s been a joy to see her journey. I also recommend taking a stroll down her feed. She has great style.