Help Us End Hunger This Holiday Season With Feeding America (Donate, We’ll Match It)


This has been a really rough year. One for the books, for sure. My patience has been stretched, my awareness has been blown wide open, and I feel like we’re on the precipice of something…big. Change, I think, is coming.

Of course, it’s easier to look forward — to change, to hope — when you’re one of the lucky ones. Despite the pandemic, my family and friends are alive and healthy. My husband and I still have jobs; our kids are basically fine. They grumble about virtual schooling but are getting decent grades, and are (mostly) happy and healthy — even if they do miss their friends.

Life, for us, is OK. 2020 has been hard — traumatic, even — but it could’ve been so much worse.

The harsh reality — thanks, in part, to the COVID-19 pandemic — is that 54 million people in America have gone hungry this year. 54 million. It’s a hard number to grasp. But to put it in perspective…the entire population of Canada is less than 40 million.

And of the 54 million people currently experiencing food insecurity? A heartbreaking 18 million of them are children.

I think of my guys — of how Pax absolutely melts down when he’s hungry, how distracted Raines gets. You guys…we’re talking about children — just like ours — not having their needs met at the most basic, fundamental level. And yet many of us have so much.

I just fucking can’t.

So we decided to partner up with Feeding America, a hunger relief organization with the largest network of food banks across the country. Feeding America has consistently gotten four stars (the highest rating) from Charity Navigator, and 98% of all cash donations go directly into the programs serving people in need.

But we’d like your help.

If you, too, are one of the lucky ones, please consider making a donation to Feeding America. For every dollar donated in the next week (through our giving page, here), The Mom Edit will match it — up to $10,000.

Every donation — no matter how small — adds up. Literally every dollar donated can help to provide ten(!!) meals. So even if your donation is just that, we’d love to have you on our team.

Help Us Raise $20K For Feeding America

WHERE: The Mom Edit x Feeding America Giving Page

WHEN: Ends Dec 27th, midnight

HOW MUCH: Every little bit helps! And The Mom Edit will match all donations up to $10K

Gang, thank you for your ongoing support. Even if you can’t give right now, please consider sharing our giving page with your family and friends. Let’s do what we can to ensure fewer children go to bed hungry tonight.


S & Team TME


  1. I can so relate to this Shana. Love to see people doing their part and supporting this cause. Thinking of hungry children brings me to tears, as did reading your post. Keep up the good work and hopefully the collective “we” will do the same. Happy holidays to you and the TME team. Here’s to change in 2021.

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