Weekend 1.16


On Monday, The Mom Edit is taking a pause in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. We’ll be back on Tuesday, per usual, but on Monday we’ll be…well, silent, I suppose.

Mike — for the first time ever — also has MLK day off. “What? When did this happen??” I asked him. “Well…” he paused. “When Black lives started to matter.” These little…shifts are happening. I take them as a hopeful sign.

I also take — as hopeful signs — the ongoing conversations about race that I’ve been observing on the news and social media. It feels as though we are — finally — starting to face the long history of our country’s white supremacy.

God knows most of us are coming late to this party. But there are now a ton of resources for us to learn from. Here are a few reads, listens and watches that we’re planning to make time for this weekend.

Watch: Lex and I are both planning to watch I Am Not Your Negro, and then do some sort of discussion over Zoom. I think the plan is to record our discussion or maybe do some sort of online discussion, so we’d love if you guys watched it, too. I also need to finish watching the Netflix documentary, 13th. We had started watching it with the boys, but the beginning was too much for them. Since Mike had already watched it and assumed it would be “fine” if the kids saw it…MY plan is to watch it, and then see if there are any parts we can show the boys. (If anyone has insight into this, please let me know.)

Listen: Another Lex find, this OnBeing podcast, “How Can I Say This So We Can Stay In This Car Together?” is a guide, of sorts, for having uncomfortable conversations about race. A must-listen. Also on OnBeing, an interview with trauma specialist Resmaa Menakem coincidentally recorded in Minneapolis before the murder of George Floyd, but aired and eerily relevant the days following (“Notice the rage, notice the silence)…has become OnBeing’s most popular episode. So much so that they brought Mr. Menakem back for a conversation with Robin DiAngelo, the author of White Fragility. Apparently, it’s one of their best yet.

Read: Mike and I started Caste, The Origins of Our Discontent, and it is both fascinating and tough to read. Frankly, it makes this “awakening” that so many of us are going through seem…almost laughable. Like, how did we NOT KNOW? And yet it also explains this very phenomenon, too. Oprah called this her “most important book” she’s “ever chosen for her book club” and it’s made countless top ten lists. (Also on Amazon, if you must.)

Ridiculously cute. I picked up one of these striped flannel jumpsuits from Black-owned business, Shop Mrs. Jones, as an early birthday present to myself. It’s surprisingly warm, and perfect for the (hopefully) final stretch of quarantine. I threw a pic up on stories (@themomedit), but I’ll eventually cover it on the blog, too.

Affordable base layers? My favorites are still the Sweaty Betty base layers, but a few of you were asking for more affordable options. Backcountry currently has a bunch of base layers on sale, and I’ve also had some luck with Burton base layers, too (not on sale, but certainly more affordable). If you don’t care about how the base layers look, I’ve also heard really good things about Uniqlo’s HEATTECH line, but it’s pretty basic. I swear by Under Armour base layers for my boys — but if you get them for yourself, size up (and 4.0 is the warmest version they make).

Complicating my life. Suddenly, I want full-length jeans. I don’t know WHY I’ve decided to go down a path that will so obviously make getting dressed harder, but the heart wants what the heart wants. And half the team just bought these jeans so WE WILL SEE.

The most perfect ankle boot. I’ve long been stalking these Vince ankle boots — they’re basically perfect: tall shaft, walkable (but sculptural) heel, a trend-proof toe (not too straight, not too pointed), and a good range of colors. On major sale at Verishop.

Unless you’re a Chelsea kind of girl…the other Vince boot I’m seriously considering are these flat Chelsea boots. They’re 55% off at Nordstrom, and have a soft, sock-boot upper, which makes them easier to wear than the traditional model. Hmmm.

Anyone else craving old-school sweatsuits? This Quince hoodie and sweatpants set is calling my name.

Basically 19th Century Gossip Girl. So obviously I’m obsessed with Bridgerton.

Lastly…we’re talking about our favorite black leggings in Sunday night’s special newsletter, so if you haven’t already…sign up here.

Happy weekend, Gang.



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