Weekend 8.26


Guys, it’s T-7? 8? days until school starts and I have 2394861 loads of laundry to do, 2 health sports forms to get filled out, school supplies to purchase and my house is a mess. WHEEE!!

Instead of writing anything coherent, here is a picture of my dog in her happy place. May we all experience even a fraction of her joy this weekend.

Also, I need to hose off one very sandy dog.

Officially, the new jean shape. While denim silhouettes have been all over the place, I love to see some of my fav brands (finally!!) embracing longer, looser styles. I have high hopes for these Mother Denim “Nerdy Flare” Jeans (no, I did not make that style name up) and AGoldE’s high-waist wide-leg jeans. Even Madewell got the memo: their superwide leg jeans look soooo good (and come in petite & tall sizes, too). Also at Nordstrom. Lastly, check out GAP’s high-rise Stride jeans – the look is on point & under $100. I also find myself intrigued by AE’s Dreamy Drape Super High Waist Baggy Jeans. There’s just soooo many length options, which I always appreciate.

What about plus size? I’d check out Madewell’s Plus Baggy Straight Jean, or Abercrombie’s Mid-Rise Ultra Wide-leg Jean.

It’s the ‘navy flannel’ for me. This photo stopped me in my tracks – deliciously cozy and one seriously cool look. And if you noticed that the delicate necklace is a key part of the look (I agree!) try Gwen Beloti’s paperclip necklace. It’s the perfect size, and her stuff is really high quality, especially for the price! (We love that this Black-owned business is available at Saks, so go check her stuff out. Or browse her full collection here.)

Just gonna copy Gia’s entire outfit. Did you catch Laurel’s recent Adidas post? Her daughter (my son’s BFF since they were three) looks so grown up it caught me off guard. Also, those photos convinced me that wide-leg sweats are the way to go. Gia is wearing this pair with this hoodie if you’d like to twin with us.

Tis the season…for black tops & white pants (bet you thought I was going for a holiday angle, haha.)! But I kinda love this fresh take (choose the ‘black’ option) – it shows a fancy-ish black top with slouchy white trousers. Suuuch a nice departure from tight white jeans. The top pictured is pretty good as-is, but for the pants, I’d probably go with either Madewell’s Harlow pants (in the ‘harvest moon’ color) or Ref’s Mason Pant in ‘oyster’. Neither are bright white, but will be close enough for this look and have a little more versatility than bright white.

PSA: UGG Minis & UGG Ultra Minis have both been restocked at Nordstrom in chestnut. They won’t last the holiday season.

French-girl overalls. I saw a surprising number of slouchy overalls in France…and this pair has that same under-the-radar cool as the ones I spied in Biarritz.

Gearing up for ski season…Backcountry’s Labor Day Sale has started, and it includes Pax’s favorite baselayers of all time: AirBlaster onsies. They’re nice and warm, wicking, and soooo cute on. (The men’s version is also on sale, as is the women’s Airblaster…but if you’re considering it, also check out The Monsie. Super cute and maybe a better design for, uh, the bathroom.)

My favorite sci-fi of all time...is Red Rising, and I finally started reading the latest book, Light Bringer (newly released). It’s one of the few book series where I absolutely cannot predict what will happen, and it’s bananas clever – the author is a genius. I find myself almost panting while reading it sometimes – my heart is racing so fast. It’s really violent, though (think: GOT) and one of those sagas where you’d almost need an app to keep track of all of the characters. But if Sci-Fi’s your jam…whoa. It’s GOOD.