Weekend 10.29


Raines has been spending most Friday nights with friends lately — it’s very teenagery of him. And the unintended consequence is that Pax has been left behind, alone. Pax seems totally fine with it. He gets plenty of screentime on Friday nights, after all, but some Fridays — like last night — I can convince him to Play With Mommy.

I LOVE it.

Pax had been mad about something (unrelated) last night, so I was up in his room, trying to coax a smile. There was a bit of wrestling (never fails), and then we started whipping a balloon at each other. The balloon was an extra-large one and had come home with him from school. It was oddly satisfying to throw something with all of your might…only to have it drift lazily across the room in response.

Our balloon dodgeball evolved into a passing game which then, per usual, evolved into a rather complex, rule-based game involving feet or heads only (like soccer), with one person lying on the bed (me, it was me), and one person running wild around the room (Pax, obvi). We played for an hour, and I was completely drenched in sweat by the time we were done.

At 11:30PM.

We then watched the Phillies win (yay!!!! Let’s go Phillies!!) and all-in-all it was a pretty good Friday night.

Pax has decided that his Dad needed to learn how to play. And watching Mike take in the rules without even a blink, then play this absolutely ridiculous game with the intensity of an Olympic pole vaulter…well. It was hot.

We’ve been pretty chill these last few weeks. I’ve needed a break from the world at large. Politicians promising to enact sweeping forced-birth legislation if elected (I refuse to call it ‘pro life’ — let’s call it exactly what it is, please), the absolutely terrifying wave of anti-semitism that has popped up after Kanye’s hateful remarks, the cold-blooded murder of girls in Iran for things like showing too much hair, and the fact that Trump could soon be back on Twitter…oof. And this is in addition to the usual shit.

So here’s a gentle reminder that early voting has started in many states already. Be sure to vote, and make sure your friends, family, and neighbors vote, too. Lex wrote an article a few years ago with really useful information about what we can do to help get out the vote.

Jeans. Saks is having a sale, and, per usual, it’s the jeans for me. I’ve been wearing my SLVRLAKE London jeans a ton, so much so that I’m tempted to get this distressed pair. The ‘London’ style from SLVRLAKE is the quintessential French-girl straight-leg jean, and I really, really like it. While I cut mine off to be slightly cropped, this style runs long (tall mamas, take note). I also just picked up this full-length pair of cargo jeans (also from SLVRLAKE) and they’re really sexy on (and look much better than on the model).

Jeans under $100. I have an article coming out next week, but the Risen jeans (at small biz Social Threads) are surprisingly good. My favorite is either these black bootcut jeans (my legs look miles long) or this gray pair.

Actually…we’re redesigning our special Sunday newsletter to include more sneak peeks and unique content. I believe tomorrow’s includes an OOTD of me with those gray jeans. Sign up here to receive, if interested.

Jeans and a cute top? Ref just released a ton of cute tops for the holidays and I’m DYING. Dead. My three favorites? This off-the-shoulder velvet number, this one-shoulder velvet top, and this deceptively simple silk shell.

While you’re there…that striped cashmere boyfriend sweater Linzi and I both swear by has also been restocked! It sold out quickly last year (and the year before) because it’s just freaking perfect.

If you want cute AND warm…My frothy, flirty confection of a gold ball-gown skirt has been restocked for the season at ShopBURU!!!!! This forever piece is an absolute joy to wear, and I’ve worn it the last two Christmas Eves over thick leggings and boots and no one knew what was under there. The skirt also comes in black, and ooo…there’s a matching gold top, too.

Oxblood? I keep coming back to these Sorel boots. I have a sneaking suspicion that they’ll go with…everything.

I did not know this: You can buy pre-owned designer handbags at Saks Off! It’s suuuuch a good idea, and includes basically all the heavy hitters – Vuitton, GUCCI, Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs, See by Chloe, etc.

Gahhhhh….SEXY. Laurel just released a video of her latest choreography and whoa. Also, I love watching her expressions when she dances – so good!! Anyway, her next video will be actually teaching us this dance, so subscribe to our YouTube so you don’t miss it.

YUM. These pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are vegan and delicious.

Art for the cash poor. InLiquid is a local nonprofit organization who helps get local artists both recognition and opportunities, and is easily my favorite place to find some seriously amazing art. If you’re local, they’re having a series of events in November to raise money. I’m planning to go to their Collectors Night, if you guys want to join. More information on the events, here.

Happy weekend!



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  1. Shana, would you mind doing a tutorial on how to best crop jeans? I’m looking at different lengths but as a fellow “shorty” (5’2″ over here), I’d like your guidance on best methods/measurements for various lengths you’ve tried. I’m sure a post or youtube video would by appreciated by many who follow TME. Thank you for consideration of this ask! BTW, totally influenced by TME!

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