Weekend 10.1


Hey Gang! We have the bar mitzvah of one of Raines’ best friends this weekend, so I’m going to keep this short. But the TME team has been hard at work on a new little “passion project” (as Abby aptly referred to it), launching soon. We’re developing downloadable style guides — something with a little more design flexibility than a web page — and…they’re freaking awesome. Our October style guides will drop soon, but we’re already in the planning stages for November, so if you have any burning style questions, especially something that might require an in-depth answer, or even just a cool topic area, let us know.

Since we’ve been hard at work on these style guides, we’re spending a little more time in-person at the office, something we really haven’t done since the pandemic. I forgot how fun it is to work with people face-to-real-face! Brainstorming is easier, and it almost always tangents in…interesting ways. I learned a lot.

For example?

I now know aaaaaall about ‘clean girl aesthetic’ (problematic, btw), how it differs from ‘that girl’, along with an in-depth discussion of what, exactly, constitutes ‘hot girl shit’.

Turns out that nonchalantly posing for photos with a chipped manicure is some real hot girl shit right there.

Just own it, I guess.

But I did, in fact, remedy my own chipped nail situation. My friend’s kid’s fancy bar mitzvah probs isn’t the right place to claim hot girl shit. I’ve already been given explicit instructions by his Venezuelan mother: don’t be late (“gringo time NOT Latina time”), adhere to the dress code (“look hot”), and get our “asses on the dance floor”.

Got it. Can’t wait.

What I’m wearing to the bar mitzvah: That hot pink, silk Reformation dress — at least to the party portion. The ceremony? Gahhhh. I have no idea. Turns out that I own very few dresses that could be described as “appropriate”. Gotta work on this.

Best trousers, found. While I do still recommend Everlane’s Way-High Drape Pant, I just snapped up a pair of Reformation’s Mason Pants and they are easily my favorites. I ended up buying the petite version (in black), and they look so freaking cool with sneakers.

Interesting knits. I keep coming back to this cashmere halter top (ok, ridiculous I know), but it might be a really cool look with the wide-leg trousers above. I’m feeling it for holiday parties or even a dinner out somewhere. Additionally, I like the lines and drape of this square-neck knit sweater, and it’s a total steal (under $25). I’d size up in both of these to really get the drape right.

Cosmo or Sardinia blue? I showed up to dance class in the prettiest blue Vuori leggings (color: cosmo), and everyone freaked out. It is a shockingly gorgeous color. I only bought the leggings, however, because I didn’t love the matching sports bra (the back is too strappy and squeezy for me) nor am I a zip-front hoodie girl. That said…Athleta has an entire line in “dark Sardinia blue” that makes me swoon in the same way. It’s a tad more green, but just as pretty, and might be a really cool tone-on-tone sort of ensemble.

Bag it. We’re in that transition-to-cold weather part of fall where my trusty straw bags start to look…off. I want the lighter tones of the straw bag, but in a winter-appropriate material. This Chloe bag (in either color) looks almost perfect. I’m annoyed that the strap isn’t adjustable, however. The other bag I have my eye on is this squishy one at Madewell. Cute and much cheaper. I’m hoping that the ‘timber beam’ color isn’t too dark (or orange) in person.

I’m done shopping for heels. I finally tried a pair of Sarah Flint’s Perfect Sandal 85 and I’ll never wear any other brand. They’ve got special arch support, extra padding, and a steel stiletto – making them seriously comfortable AND really, really sexy. I was able to walk all over (even home from the restaurant) with zero issues. I’m seriously impressed.

Fully frothed. I rarely feel this way, but I miiiiiight have passed the stage of life where I can pull off this “astonishing confection of a dress”…but I’m tempted to try.

Black boots, refreshed. I’m really feeling that sort of rugged tall black boot: flat, lug-sole, hits a few inches under the knee. Something like this. Because I’m so short, I might be better off with Tamara Mellon’s shorter version…but then freaking H&M absolutely nails the vibe with this faux-leather pair under $100.

Oh, help. Printfresh makes shower curtains and I’m drooling over ‘tropical oasis’. Instant bathroom refresh.

Yum. I know I’ve mentioned this cookbook before, but nearly everything I’ve made over the last two weeks has come from Love & Lemons Everyday cookbook. Buy it for the vegan lasagne alone — it’s amazing, and even my kids love it. Also at Amazon.




  1. Topic idea: recently single moms whose wardrobes look like that of a mom in their 40’s who is ready to start dating again. Go!

  2. @CVG: Nice! I have a similar persona-based question for your style guides: 40s woman whose career has taken off and needs to look like a CEO in several facets of her life. I’ve got the meeting/conference “power sheath dress and heels” outfit down … but what does a CEO wear for leisure time or on the airplane or an “in the office but it’s not THAT kind of meeting” meeting? More specifically, where do you find CEO clothes that don’t come from Talbots or J McLaughlin and are more in keeping with the TME spirit — e.g., fresh, timeless, playful, fashion-forward?

  3. I’d love some guidance on shoes to wear with full length, wide leg jeans! Most sneakers make me feel 13 again and I don’t love how they look, but lots of my other shoes just seem off.

  4. Can you do something on appropriate attire for a bat and bar mitzvah for kids and adults alike? And also a winter Paris wardrobe? 🙂

  5. Tell us more about the Sarah Flints! I’ve been eyeing those too, but the price point is so painful. Did you buy yours at full price, and if not, would you buy another pair at that price? How does sizing run, especially for those of us between sizes?

  6. I’d love to see an article for styling thise Everlane Way High Drape pants (or any wide, long, voluminous pants) for a short, curvy person. Help please!

  7. Ummm… yes! I travel extensively, and I never know who I’m running into at the airport (plan conferences for a living where hundreds/thousands of people are traveling, and I may be spotted anywhere! There’s no leggings/pajama bottoms/ ect in my life, but lots of early flights, landing and being spotted upon entering the hotel lobby. I second KML. HELP!

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