Weekend 9.2


I drive down to Lower Harbor and park the car. I get out and reach my hands above my head, inhaling, then look at the water glimmering on the lake. I entertain the notion of stretching for a hot second. But I’m just stalling. That pre-run stretch is bullshit anyway. I roll my head around, then start to run.

These days, I’m not someone who should identify as, “runner”. I’m barely a runner in Philadelphia, and I’m definitely not a runner in Vermont (those girls are nuts – 8 miles is a ‘short’ run up there). And while I’d love to say that when I come home, back to the lake and the trails and the nostalgia, I find my old self and become the runner that I was once again…nah. Instead, I feel like shit.  

But I’m running the path of my youth, and so, buoyed by a sort of wistfulness, distracted by memories, I keep going.

I run past the beach I where used to lifeguard and continue on the bike path. As soon as I spot an opening in the brush, I take it, and find myself on the old road. When I was a kid it was the only road along the lake, but it was built too close to the shore. I remember waves crashing over during storms, and many days the road was closed. Now, the disuse is showing. The pavement is starting to crack, and debris from the lake covers the road. But it’s beautiful, too. Wildflowers and weeds taller than me are closing in from either side, part of a decades-long flanking maneuver, the lake, vast and cold, stretching out on the side.

It’s the kind of place, my hometown, where the air always smells fresh. 

But even the crisp air can no longer distract me from the fact that my body is not happy about running. So when my app chirps, “Distance: Two Miles, Time: 21 minutes” I immediately stop. I pick my way over a particularly rocky, debris-strewn stretch, and breathe.

Running wasn’t always like this. When I was younger, running was like breathing. If I could run 2 miles, I could run 4. If I could run 4, I could run 8. My cross-country team, in high school, once ran almost 30 miles on basically a lark (and then were exhausted for the next meet – our coach was pissed).   

Things are different now. I haven’t run more than 3 miles since chemo, 10 years ago. At first it was because my muscles, still impacted by the chemo, would burn like crazy with any exertion. And so I found other ways to exercise. But I realized, as I looked at the crumbling remains of a key part of my childhood, that a major factor is simply my age. Over the last decade, I chose not running more than I chose running, and my body can no longer simply flip this switch.

I’ve had a really lovely summer. I’m tan, the freckles on my nose have popped back out, and I’ve been bopping around in cut-off shorts, cropped tees, and flip-flops. I’ve been feeling lanky and young and free (as long as I don’t look at ANY photos of myself, haha). 

But this disconnect in my mind – who I am at heart vs the limitations of my body – is a disconnect I’ve largely ignored. And this avoidance has resulted – inadvertently, perhaps – in a choice I did not necessarily want to make.

I pick my way back up through the brush, and find the real road. The sun is shining, and, as cars pass, most drivers give me a wave (because of course they do, it’s the Midwest). There’s a soccer team practicing on the field, music pumping. Once again I reach my hands above my head, inhaling. 

And then I start to run. 

White tees? I’m working on an article about the best white tees. I have a very small handful of favorites – to make the list, these tees must machine wash & dry like champs, have amazing drape, be made of 100% natural materials, and not be prone to those tiiiny little holes. The problem is, I only have, like, 3 after years of testing. Do you guys have any that fit ALL of these boxes? My top three are ONE: rag&bone’s cotton crewneck tee (it’s basically James Perse’s sheer slub tee but better), TWO: Alex Mill’s standard tee (thick and boxy – amazing for wearing out and/or tucking, but not as good as rag&bone for layering), and THREE: Printfresh’s Saturday Tee. If you have any really solid tried & trues, let me know in the comments – and thank you!!! This article has been languishing long enough. 🙂

But if you want a white tee on sale…it turns out that Printfresh is having an absolutely epic sale. And while their basic white tee isn’t included, our TME X Printfresh white tee is. It’s the exact same tee with a little, ‘XOXO’ embroidery on the collar. I get a ton of complements on mine when people notice the little detail – it’s the kind that’s not immediately obvious, which I love.

Stripes! Kule, one of my very favorite sources for striped tees, tanks, and dresses (here’s a try-on), is having a sale: 20% off two pieces.

UGGs, platform. I just tried on Scotti’s Platform Mini UGGs and they’re freaking fantastic. Like…literally all I want to wear this fall. They make me so tall!!! But in a super comfy, totally stable kind of way. I’m…wowed. The gray pair I ordered to the office a few weeks ago seem to be sold out (boo!) but the ‘burnt cedar’ is similar if you don’t want the classic tan. Or maybe try ‘smoke plume‘.

Every year. I love waiting until Jenni Kayne’s Labor Day sale is on – it’s 20% off everything. My favorite piece from her collection right now (besides my almost-sold-out dress and the sweater I’ve been wearing for years) are her Oiled Leather Strappy Sandals. They’re the sexiest flat sandal I’ve EVER worn, and are only getting softer with each wear. I have them in walnut.

I just bought these. After seeing Amy in GAP’s cargo wide-leg sweatpants, I just snapped ’em up, 40% off. I bought both the gray and black, just to see which I prefer. Which also meant that I added this entire set (in ‘moonstone beige’) to my cart because I got suuuuper excited when I realized that GAP offers regular, petite and tall lengths, even for their sweatpants. Gahhhh that’s so helpful.

Statement ugly. I’m seriously considering this Rumpl poncho for Pax. These puffy ponchos are the ONLY winter coat he’ll wear (he layers them over a hoodie), and he’s *this* close to growing out of his old one. On sale.

Long sweater blazers. That Vince NSale sweater blazer is back in stock in a few sizes & on sale (still one of my fav purchases ever), but J.Crew’s new longline sweater blazer also looks really good (reviewers say to size down). I love the idea of wearing these as comfy outerwear instead of a tailored wool coat.

The best dandruff shampoo. Black-owned business Briogeo is offering 20% off everything this weekend. You’ve likely heard of them because of this mask (an Allure award winner), but my guys swear by their Charcoal & Coconut Oil Micro Exfoliating Shampoo. But after looking at Briogeo’s helpful how-to charts, it looks like they could actually use this shampoo on the daily, and then use their usual once per week. I’m also going to try their dry shampoo because I haven’t really found any I really like.

IYKYK. Sarah Flint, maker of the sexiest comfort shoes on the planet, is having a rare sale: 25% off markdowns with code SUNSET25. I’m eyeing up her Perfect Block Sandal. (Or maybe the lower heel.)

Chic workout layer, on sale. A friend of mine throws this cute top on over all of her workout gear until she’s properly warmed up, and looks so chic. I’ve been coveting it. Especially good for the post-workout coffee run, too.

Corn pizza. I can’t stop thinking about this recipe for fresh corn pizza. You can use whatever crust you want, and I’d make it with vegan ricotta (it’s DELICIOUS).

Labor day sales, but unique. We found a bunch of really fun, hidden gems on sale and pulled them together for a special newsletter coming out Sunday night. If you haven’t already subscribed to our newsletter, we’d love to have you. It’s one way we can keep our independence from social media platforms. 🙂

Enjoy your long weekend!!




  1. There are two white t-shirts that I like – both ridiculously expensive. The Frame “Le Mid Rise V-Neck Tee” and ATM’s Schoolboy Cotton Crewneck. Both 100% cotton. I wash in cold water and hang to dry, so can’t speak to how they would do in the dryer….probably shrink…? I hate the price tag, but I got both on sale and wear them a lot, so I guess the price per wear is pretty low. Banana Republic had some perfect scoop neck slub cotton tees a few years ago that I really loved. I really wish they would bring them back!

  2. The re/done tee is excellent. I got one of their graphic tees in the Anni Sale and the cut of the tee itself is fantastic. They sell them in solids, and a white one is on my list to buy.

  3. My go to white tee this summer has been the Frame Le Mid-Rise V-Neck Tee. It has the perfect slouchy but not too oversized drape and feels very luxe on. Not to sheer either! I wash and hang to dry so I can’t comment about the dryer but it washes well. The v-neck lays at the perfect spot and the sleeves are not too long (so as to be too dowdy). When it goes on sale again, I plan to buy another white as back up.

  4. Buck Mason slub easy V neck (or crew) are basically the perfect t shirt. The cotton is super soft but not too thin and the drape is sexy not sloppy. They are my go to t shirts all summer long. I am also still a fan of the Up West V neck boxy tees. They look cute over a tank dress for an extra layer or half tucked into 90’s style straight leg jeans (cuffed of course ;).

  5. I love the white Everlane box cut tee. It’s barely see through and the perfect body and sleeve length. I also like that it skims my torso and isn’t oversized or fitted. It’s my unicorn tee!

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