Weekend 8.20


Hey there! We’re finally back stateside, and it’s bittersweet, for sure. While I miss starting my mornings with a quick plunge into the Mediterranean (our trip was decidedly NOT real life), it IS nice to get back to some of my usual comforts — like decaf coffee and putting toilet paper IN the toilet, for example — and just generally bask in that sense of well-being and purpose that seem to hang around after a really good vacation.

I will not be sad when this rolling, reverse-sea-legs feeling stops, though. I remember this from the last time we did a boat trip — shockingly, it took almost a week before I stopped waking up with my head pitching around like I was still on the boat. Wild.

I’ve started working on articles about the trip, but I find that these are always the hardest to write. The sheer amount of photos to process is overwhelming, in addition to figuring out which details might be of interest (nobody wants the online equivalent of a family-trip slideshow). I’ve already gotten several questions about the boat trip itself (how did we find the boat, details about booking the trip, etc.) so I AM working on a general article on how to pull off a private boat trip in Turkey (or Greece or Croatia — they’re all very similar). If you guys have any specific questions you’d like me to answer in that article — about booking the trip itself or even just what to expect while on the boat — drop me a comment here. This is the second time we’ve chartered a Turkish gulet with our family, and it’s easily the best vacation we’ve ever done. (And it’s more doable than I thought when we first started down this path.)

OK! I’m off to bask in the last week (or so) of summer. I know school is just around the corner, but I refuse to talk about that yet. I’d rather discuss…um…even that pile of laundry looming ominously in the corner.


Istanbul Airport Style: While Istanbul street style varied wildly (like any other major cosmopolitan city), I saw several cool girls at the airport all independently rocking a uniform that I immediately wanted to copy: a pair of high-rise, flowy, wide-leg pants (think: full-length palazzos) with a cropped, swingy tank top and chunky platform sneakers. To re-create the look, I’d go with Everlane’s linen tank top (in black), these gorgeous palazzo pants from Black-owned Diarrablu (at Nordstrom), and these chunky sneaks (on sale).

Vintage Vibes: My favorite rash guard of all time is by Seea and is currently 40% off at Backcountry. You can see it on me here. Oh, and the matching bottoms are on sale too. This whole line has a glam, ’60s tomboy vibe that I’m totally into.

It’s The Neckline. I love a good square neckline, especially on a workout top, so I immediately ordered Vuori’s new Halo cropped tee. It’s gorgeous.

We Will See. I also ordered these pull-on barrel jeans at Free People. They look like something I would’ve worn in college (with Timberlands, a ribbed tank and a choker necklace), and we’ll see if I can pull them off a second time.

I Actually Gasped. These studded ballet flats look MUCH more expensive then they actually are and would be freaking amazing with some cropped straight-leg jeans.

Flirt: This cutout ALC dress is 100% cotton, $200 off and bananas flattering on. Despite the cutouts, you actually can wear it with a bra (I’d just pick a more minimal black one). Such a perfect dress for the end of summer, but one that would transition easily into fall with an oversized blazer and tall boots. (It looks good with sneakers too.) I have the maxi version of this dress (in white) and wore it all over Istanbul. You can see it on me, for reference (I wear a size 6).

Wait, There’s More! I just realized that the ALC dress isn’t the only gorgeous dress on sale at Saks right now. My other top picks? This cotton poplin Halston (with strategically placed cutouts), this short shirtdress that is the furthest thing from an actual shirtdress, and this Cinq a Sept with Grecian goddess vibes. WOW.

Sideline Season Is Coming, Mama. And my slightly ridiculous puffer poncho from Rumpl is kiiiind of amazing for staying warm while watching soccer/football/lacrosse/hockey. It’s just cute enough to get some compliments but in a quirky, “Where did you get THAT??” kind of way. (It’s also huge on me, so don’t worry if you’re tall — it’ll still work). Anyway, it’s from last season, so currently 50% off at Backcountry (plus another 20% off with code EXTRAPERKS20).

Too Soon? I know it’s hot outside, but this deliciously slouchy, oversized sweater dress at H&M is EXACTLY the sweater dress I’ve been searching for (after spying someone rocking a similar one 4-plus years ago).

I’m Excited: We have some new faces around here, and I couldn’t be happier. I want to read everything Sarah Lemon writes, so I’m thrilled she’s writing a few pieces for us. Anne has gotten me so excited for hikes this fall, and OMG, MODG IS HERE — if you know, you know. And I’m literally pinching myself that Amanda is writing. Man, I was reading her stuff when Pax was a baby. Also, Abby, typically part of our behind-the-scenes Philly crew, took on last week’s Everyday Edit newsletter, and it was just the fresh dose I needed. If you missed it, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter — that’s where the really good stuff happens.

Where My Menopause Girls At? At least 10 people have sent me McSweeney’s article on perimenopause because it is just. that. funny. The accuracy, damn it.

Happy weekend!



  1. Just in case this helps someone else, I am here to report that after staring longingly at that ALC maxi dress all summer while pregnant and miserable, I finally splurged on it and it is SHOCKINGLY flattering even at 1 month postpartum! I got the black and am planning to fancy it up with gold sandals and nice jewelry for my brother’s wedding next month (which was my excuse for the splurge), but it is equally great with birks or sneakers and a denim jacket. I had to size up one more than expected due to the boobs demanding their own zip code these days, but I can wear a bra under it AND it’s nursing friendly!! I was really hesitant to spend that much on what is basically a cotton sundress, but seriously anything that makes you feel this good a month after pushing another human out of your body is 100% worth it.

  2. Thanks for the McSweeney’s link. I was cracking up so my husband asked me what I was reading. I told him and he couldn’t wait to get back to studying for his fantasy football draft. Side note, it’s been a decade since perimenopause for me but when it started a younger friend asked what it was and I told her that the factory was still open but they announced the first round of layoffs.

  3. Would also love to know the specific details on the boat trip- hoping to go to Greece in the near future and this sounds like an awesome option!

  4. I’d love to hear some tips on doing a trip to Turkey with kids (mine are fourth grade and sixth grade). I’ve been before (loved it) but waaaay before kids. How did it go with food? With ease of getting around? Did you fly to Cap for the balloon ride? What’s a good/manageable itinerary? Anything you can think of! Thanks!!

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