Weekend 8.19


Gang, Biarritz is a dream. Raines is already talking about wanting to move here someday, Mike is claiming that this is his favorite city he’s ever visited, and the style here is my ultimate mash-up of French-Girl-Cool + California-Surfer-Girl so obviously I LOVE IT, and the shopping, eating, surfing and swimming is wildly off the charts.

I’m now a big (huge) Biarritz fan.

My Duolingo French has served me well, too. I switched over from Spanish a couple of months ago to prepare (have I mentioned that my Duolingo streak is, uh, 307 days??) and while the first day in France was brutal, language-wise, I was actually cracking jokes – in French – today. As long as the jokes are vaguely related to ordering food or purchasing things I AM HILARIOUS in French. My “mes fils ont manger tout les chocolates” absolutely killed at Masion Adam today.

Riding high, Gang.


French girl sneakers, 2023. Laura was right about those Nikes, gang. All of the cool girls in France seem to be wearing either Nike Dunks (which are notoriously hard to find – a few colors at Nordstrom, tho) or Air Force 1’s. (There’s a decent amount of Adidas Gazelles, too – more on this, later.)

…but with pants. The move is to pair those Nikes with high-rise, full-length pants (and a cute little top). There are plenty of Levi’s over here (and I think I’ve seen a couple of girls in these exact pants), but both Ref and GAP have solid options, too.

Okaaaay, Em. Gahhhh I gasped out loud when I saw Em in rag&bone’s featherweight jeans. They look so boring on the model, but on Em, they’re nailing that slouchy-cool vibe I love.

Good enough. I was worried that my Clare V. Sandy tote wouldn’t be big enough to double as a beach bag, but it was the most packable option, so I brought it anyway. Turns out it can hold sunglasses, sunscreen, two Turkish towels, a hat, and some random stuff for the boys. I mean, everything is basically all stuffed in there, but it works. I also caught a few French girls checking out my bag – the highest compliment!! – so all in all, it’s working.

My favorite running shorts right now. Free People’s Light As Air running shorts are bananas comfortable (the description is apt), and they’re shockingly flattering, too.

This whole outfit, please. It’s really about the denim dress (in light-wash denim), but I wouldn’t say no to the boots + coat, either. Besides…something feels really fresh about pairing black boots with an ivory jacket. Unexpected, but cool.

Plus-size pick. This mesh top is beautiful, and the plus-size styling here is sooooo good. I’d wear it exactly as pictured, gauchos & all. 🙂

I can’t. Gang, the 100% cotton baby clothes from Black-owned business Ashmi & Co are ahhhhhh soooo incredibly cute!! Like the bunny tail riiiight on the baby belly??? C’mon. Of course the gingham sweater set is probably my top pick (I would 100% have stuck my boys in that – gender neutral, for sure) or the knit cotton bodysuit. GAHHHH BABY FEVERRRRR.

Problem solver. This gauzy linen Eileen Fisher poncho has such great lines, and would be so perfect for throwing on when you need a liiiitle bit of warmth or need to make something slightly more conservative. Touring churches while on travel, or weddings, both come to mind. On sale!!

Ref on sale, too. Reformation’s sale is still going on, and I’m ordering this top in black. I already have the floral, and have been wearing it a ton (including here in France). I have the floral in size XS (a size I never wear anymore) so it’s not one of those Ref tops that run small – the fit is very forgiving. (You can see it styled, here.)

For the boys. Mike and Raines are both fighting over this Alex Crane linen tee. I get why, too – it’s 100% linen, bananas soft, and only gets softer with each wash. I know this because, uh…I steal it, too.

Happy weekend!




  1. Wait. You actually learned French with Duolingo??? Where did i go wrong? I spent about three months trying to learn Italian before we went to Italy last month and I learned nothing that helped me in casual conversation! However, I can tell you that I see a spider in your boot 🤨

  2. Would love a fit report on the Alex Crane tee. I’ve had it saved to Pinterest for… years? But it’s unisex sizing and I have no idea how that runs to get the look on the female models on their site. Thanks!

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