Weekend 1.28


We’re headed back to Philadelphia for the weekend! We have that party for our friend Sam on Saturday, and Sunday is my birthday! And yes: I am one of those big birthday people.

I think I like birthdays simply because I like fun, festive things, and a birthday is just a pretty great excuse to turn a regular day into something special. To be clear, my bar for turning “a regular day into something special” is pretty darn low. Especially since a good portion of my actual birthday will be spent on an airplane, flying back to Vermont (whomp whomp).

That said, I still am hoping for a birthday theme to the day. I’m really just talking about festive little touches. Things like:

  • Doughnuts or pastries in the morning.
  • A Frothy cappuccino instead of my usual black coffee
  • Reading in bed for a long time with no one asking me for anything
  • Doing a colorful smokey eye
  • Wearing pretty underwear
  • Having Champagne and browsing a magazine (or cookbook) while someone else figures out dinner.

If none of these come to pass…well. There’s always a little online shopping. 🙂

The chicest color for swim? I’ve been a longtime fan of Becca swimsuits…but last year, their designs & colors were underwhelming. So I was thrilled to see two new Becca swimsuits drop in my fav swim color: beachy bronze tones. Check out Becca’s Fine Line One-Piece in ‘coconut’ or Becca’s Pucker Up Cutout One-Piece in ‘ginger’. I suspect that neither of these suits will stay in stock long enough to make it into our annual swim guide, which doesn’t launch until next month.

Jennifer Fisher hoops? I keep researching Jennifer Fisher’s gorgeous hoop earrings, and I’m almost ready to pull the trigger. They’re the best combo of statement + lightweight I’ve found. The three I’m deciding between are: The Hailey hoops (2″ hoops, .23 oz weight, textured and GORG), the Law Petite hoops (also 2″ hoops, but only .18 oz), or the thread hoops (2″, .17 oz).

That pretty underwear I mentioned? This one – it’s gorgeous and comfortable. Fit is TTS.

That cami I’m wearing in the photo? On sale, here.

I was hopin’…Not only has GAP restocked my black faux-leather pants (they’ve been clutch in cold Vermont), but GAP also came out with a gorgeous brown pair. Wow. They look wayyyyyy more expensive than they are (especially at 40% off).

Adidas Samba-like? I’ve been trying to score a pair of Adidas Sambas for almost a year now…and still no luck. But this pair, Adidas Matchbreak Super Shoes, are giving allllll the Samba vibes, and would be pretty darn perfect for Spring.

The coolest top for plus-size gals? This one. Can’t stop thinking about it.

Sale alert. Good American’s boyfriend shacket is really, really good and currently on sale. I have it in dark blue & brown, and I’ve worn it with jeans or layered over this sweater dress. It’s roomy enough to wear over giant hoodies and thick cable-knit sweaters, and is surprisingly warm, too. A few additional sizes/colors (also on sale) at GA.

Confession: I want a cardigan. But I want one that is somewhat chunky, yet can slouch, in a sexy way, off one shoulder. I picture it with loose jeans & a plunging bodysuit. I know everyone loves Jenni Kayne’s but it’s always too much (too long, thick, overwhelming) on my short self. Is this the one?

Go wash your face. One of our readers, Sarah, started a clean skincare company, Bette Green, with kids (especially tweens and teens) in mind. She sent over their cleansing stick and my boys LOVE IT. It’s basically like a small deodorant stick that you just rub around your face and wipe off. For some reason, both of my boys can’t seem to wrap their heads around rubbing product between their fingertips and then applying it to their face (“How do I do this? Mom? MOM???!! HOW DO I DO THIS???) so the fact that they both, just, intuitively used this stick thing is great. I’m always amazed by what stymies the boys. But whatever. Sarah, you’re a genius.

Gahhhh…puppies. We met these reallllly sweet breeders up in Vermont and they happen to have some Aussiedoodle puppies right now, if anyone is as tempted as I am. (Mike still says no.) But seriously go look, gang. They are SO CUTE I can’t even. And feel free to leave comments here about how great having a dog is. Because it’s my birthday. Mike.

Obviously, I will read these comments out loud to my cold-hearted husband on the plane. Yay!!

Enjoy your weekend, Gang.




  1. Happy Birthday Shana!!! And seriously Mike, how can you not love those adorable puppies? You gotta get one for S, she does SO much for everyone. Amiright? Xoxo

  2. Yes to the dog!!!! I LOVE having a dog, best thing we’ve ever done (she’s 3). Ever since we got her, I’ve been BEGGING my husband for a second dog. He keeps saying no… 😭. Good luck (c’mon, Mike!).

  3. Happiest birthday wishes to you Shana! A dog would be the best gift ever! And let’s be honest, you are the one who is going to be taking care of it most of the time, so it should be your say 😉

  4. Puppies are cute but please ADOPT! Adorable family friendly dogs are being killed in shelters across the country every day because shelters are in crisis right now with no space.

  5. We have a 2yr old rescue – we got her as a puppy. During the holidays, I made the mistake of “liking” one of those vital videos on Instagram – the kind where a family brings home an adorable puppy as a sibling to their older dog. Oh the adorable love! So yes, at least 100 videos later, I told my husband and 3 teenage boys that I wanted a puppy. So wish granted. Another rescue pup. Instagram made me do it.

    Anna – it’s A LOT of work!! I’d forgotten how house bound you have to be. Way more work bc you have the older dog to deal with too. Ugh, would have been better if I just bought a viral lipgloss or Bottega bag…

  6. Pure sunshine in puppy form! Whenever I’m having a day, I think of my Arlow, waiting for me, tail wagging, tug toy in mouth, and his puppy body doing a little happy dance in excitement that one of his humans if home. Repeat four more times as each person in our family comes home. Dogs also teach a type of responsibility to kids that not having a pet can’t teach. Even if the kids aren’t the ones taking care of the dog. Get the dog! You won’t regret it!

  7. YES to the puppy!!! We got our first Cobberdog on my birthday and he is my shadow – and now a therapy dog! (A lot of work in the very beginning but it pays off in spades – and Mike will be the one most smitten!) Happy, Happy Birthday!

  8. Dogs are great. We have three and cannot imagine life without them! But even living in a small city with a fenced yard, it is A LOT of work. An urban apartment in a major city – I imagine the work is magnified by 10-fold!

    Also, I echo what someone else said about getting mixed breed dogs from a shelter. As an adoptive mom of a human child, the phrase “adopting” an animal just rubs me the wrong way, but I agree with the sentiment.

  9. Happy Birthday Shana!! Love that cami! The Gap faux leather pants are amazing! Did you see them in the mistletoe green? Gorg!! I have both black and green.

  10. Happy birthday Shana. If you are thinking about a dog I would recommend doing a foster at your local SPCA. That way you can try out a dog without committing it full time. Plus it helps make room in the shelter while your foster waits for something like dental work before they can be adopted. A win/win.

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