Weekend 11.12


I got the new bivalent COVID booster yesterday, as well as the flu shot. My mistake, I’m now realizing, is that I got both shots in the left arm. We had snuck in right before the pharmacy closed, and I didn’t want to make a fuss (I’m left-handed, FYI) so I just sat down in the provided chair and got it done.


Not only does my left arm ache like crazy, but I woke up in the middle of the night with a pounding headache, body aches, and a fever. This happens to me occasionally (every other year, maybe?) when I get the flu shot, with no rhyme or reason. So these yearly flu shots always feel like playing Russian roulette. Add in the COVID booster complication…well. Who knows?

I keep reminding myself that I only feel terrible because I have a well-functioning immune system. Woo hoo.

Anyway, enough whining. The only thing more boring than me droning on about aches and pains is discussing the weather. Which — now that I think about it — I did last week.

Oof, again.

Tune in next week for a riveting account of…I don’t know…the route Mike takes to work? A list of meetings I have on Tuesday? Maybe I’ll have Raines discuss the various armaments of tanks in WWII, or Pax can detail his journey to find dubbed One Piece anime.

“…the basic T-34/85 tanks armed with 85-mm guns were replaced by T-54 and T-55 tanks armed with 100-mm guns…”

“…so Crunchyroll was totally working but THEN it stopped working and then I downloaded Funimation but it only has 100 episodes dubbed and the rest are still on Crunchyroll but THEN they DISAPPEARED from Crunchyroll and they’re SUPPOSED to be on Funimation but I CAN’T FIND THEM MOM…”

We’re full of fascinating stuff over here.

Party heels, on sale. I love a taupe heel – literally goes with everything – but the color can sometimes read too casual. Unless, of course, it’s studded in crystals. Fun.

Party, party. J.Crew’s party bags are freaking amazing. If nothing else, go get this feathered bag or the crystal-studded version. They hold a surprising amount of stuff.

Currently wearing over a T-shirt: This sweater vest. Soooo good without being too hot. For a lower price point, Madewell makes one in a similar shape, or try RVCA’s sweater vest with perfectly nerdy vibes.

PSA. I feel like this has happened a few times already this fall, but Jenni Kayne is currently 20% off. After trying a bunch of her stuff, the absolute safest bet is the cashmere (fisherman sweater, cardigan). Otherwise, if you’re interested in cotton sweaters, go Quince. (Here’s a full comparison, if interested.)

Speaking of Quince…if you need linen napkins for Thanksgiving, Quince has the best ones.

Bing bang boom. I’ve been eyeing up this houndstooth Anine Bing double-breasted blazer, and now it’s on sale. OR: this BlankNYC dupe is also 40% off with code FINAL40 at Social Threads. (Ooo…the BlankNYC one has a matching mini.)

Best boots for flare & bootcut jeans? I know I’ve mentioned these taupe, pointed-toe ankle boots from Marc Fisher before (they’re dead-ringers for my Loeffler Randalls), and now they’re sold out. I did find them fully stocked at Bloomingdales, also on sale.

Gift this. This cropped fleece pullover is my favorite thing I own right now. I have the ‘granita’ color and get compliments every time I wear it. I don’t think Halfdays’ photos do this piece justice (but see the photos submitted as part of the reviews to get a better idea). The emerald green is wildly gorgeous as well, so much so I’m tempted to keep both. It’s also a really technical piece – think super warm.

Non-scary retinol. I’ve been using Biossance’s new retinol serum for a couple of weeks now, and it’s great. It’s powerful enough that I can’t use it every night (like prescription retinol), but there’s significantly less dryness than the prescription stuff. Highly recommend.

Ok. Laura got me. I just read our latest Weekly Sales Report, and the velvet Moxie pants and puffer cape in beige (I already have the black) are on their way to me. (The Moxie denim pants remain one of my most-adored pairs of jeans ever.)

Dreaming of cookies. One of our friends brought these homemade Chai-spiced cookies to a party last weekend, and Raines and I literally broke into the hosts’ house the next day to pilfer the rest. Zero regrets.

Goal setting. We’re trying to increase our subscribership (is that a word??) on YouTube. If you haven’t yet, would you please subscribe to our channel? We’ve been working really hard on our video content, and are finally settling into a rhythm, thanks to the hard work of Kat (our Video Production Manager) & Syd (Video Editor). I live for Syd’s bloopers at the end of our videos.

Happy weekend!


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