Weekend 2.11


So…I cross-country ski now. It’s who I am. I mean…technically speaking, I’ve gone twice, but I’m hooked. I’d love to say it’s relaxing and fun, but my version is more huffing and puffing and striving and slipping…but it does keep my brain fully engaged. It’s that Learn New Things kind of challenge that requires some focus. And it’s nice to unplug from my thoughts.

Also, there’s cuuuuute clothes.

Pax is currently at his first half-pipe competition. Mike took him because I am NOT a fan. Well, Mike actually took him because the nearest half-pipe is hours away and I hate driving, but still. I’m protesting. Raines is currently at home, walking around the house angrily muttering, “God, MOM, I’M FINE” because he crashed at practice and hit his head (not a lot, but still) so I’m on concussion watch.

But the theme of our weekend is sports: GO BIRDS.

Hey – before we get into the fun stuff, would you please consider donating to the relief efforts in Syria & Turkey? The devastation is staggering – they’re literally pulling children from the wreckage. I just donated to the Molham Team, who are actively working on the ground. Thanks. xo

Winners. I just tried Halfday’s merino wool baselayers and yeah: they’re the best wool baselayers I’ve EVER worn – ridiculously soft and comfortable, yet wicking for even a sweaty cross-country ski sesh. (I’m wearing them under Halfdays’ packable puffer and these Maloja tights.)

SWOON. It’s my white, See by Chloe crossbody bag…but better. Why? Three words: subtle rainbow stitching.

The details. These Jeff Campbell boots are giving ‘From The Office of Angela Scott‘ vibes…but at a fraction of the cost. I like it.

Oh baby. Social Threads just re-stocked their Risen Boyfriend Jeans. ICYMI, I love these because they’re stretchy and comfortable, yet won’t stretch out, needing to be hoisted back up all day. They look more like broken-in, rigid jeans (see them on me, here).

The coolest. This Goldsign bodysuit looks both sexy and comfortable which seems improbable, I know. Plus it combines my two favorite colors (navy + black) for a seriously cool twist on the usual black, date-night top. Also? ON SALE.

The experts on cold. Canadian brand, Lole, is having an epic sale on winter coats. Lole has been my go-to brand for years, and I’ve worn their seriously warm (and seriously cute) winter coats in all kinds of extreme climates. When it’s -20, I’m almost always in a Lole coat. I currently have this one (in a size small), but can’t stop thinking about this really chic wrap puffer. It’s lighter than the one I have, but was slightly overwhelming on my short frame so I returned it. In hindsight, I should’ve tried a size down, and now I can’t stop thinking about it. Also, if you live in Minnesota or Chicago, this coat.

Sweater-knit leggings?? Holy moly Adidas, these Aeroknit Winter running tights are amazing. They’re knit in some sort of fabric that is almost like a sweater-knit, but are still, decidedly, workout tights. And the waistband is like Vuori’s Daily Leggings (but a bit higher). I’ve been wearing them for these early morning workouts in my friend’s garage (read: COLD). Oh wait – she actually posted a photo of me on her IG (swipe to see a close up). Anyway, highly recommend.

Same, Linz. In Linzi’s latest video about the best winter comfort shoes…she confesses that she doesn’t actually like any of the new boot offerings this year. It’s funny, but I’m also just wearing my old boots, too. Primarily just these Sorels, Moonboots, GANNI boots, and Mou boots (all bought 1-2 years ago).

If I was tempted to buy a new boot…it would be this one. I keep coming back to it.

My kind of forever piece. Anyone remember my Faherty sunrise hoodie? Well, it’s been restocked, has several different color options, AND two of them are on sale. There’s now matching joggers, too.

Unexpectedly sweet. I keep getting compliments on this tee. It looks like a perfectly-fitting, plain white tee…but then I tuck my hair behind my ears and there’s that little collar detail. Love it.

If I worked in an office, this week I’d wear…a cropped cashmere sweater with high-rise, deliciously wide-leg trousers. A few pairings to try:

Teen boys? My guys refuse to wear snowboots to school…but their sneakers aren’t cutting it. I think these Vans boots are the perfect in-between to get them through slush & mud season.

Oh help. I need another expensive denim brand to love like I a need a hole in the head…but dammit, AMO. Full review coming out soon, but I promise these welder jeans and these dark wash, distressed flares (both almost sold out) are worth every penny. Runs a bit big.

Full disclosure: If you’re looking for full-length cargo jeans, it’s AMO again for me. (Also at Anthropologie.)

Hmmmmm…Remember those Isabel Marant wedge sneakers I was wild about a…decade ago? Well, they’re back and Sorel (of all brands) has come out with a similar wedge sneaker. How do we feel about this? (More sizes available at Zappos.)

Problem solver. I just bought several of these smart outlets (they just plug right into your old ones) and suddenly all of our device-charging problems have gone away. Should’ve done this years ago.

It’s for massage. The sex stone. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Vegan Superbowl snacks. Last year, I made these vegan stuffed mushrooms, which were delicious. This year, I’m going with buffalo cauliflower and this vegan 7 layer dip. I’ll probably also throw together this white bean chili, too. It comes together in 20 min, and, if nothing else, we’ll have leftovers for lunch on Monday.

That’s the jawn. And now you can look it up.

Happy weekend, Gang.




  1. I am so curious. Are you homeschooling in Vermont? Or somehow duo-enrolled in Philly and Vermont? I’m sure lots of us would love to know how you are pulling off two locales during the school year!

  2. Hi – I have the same question on what cheese substitute you used. I read through the comments on the original recipe post and the authors comments there that she does not have a good suggestion for how to make them vegan.

    And ditto about how you are managing school in both Philly and Vermont, especially with middle school/high school aged kids. We are a Philly family with a middle schooler and it seems so competitive when it comes to even attendance record for prepping to apply to high schools (ugh). I think many of us are super curious on how you worked this out (and have posted the same question) with school and would love tips on how it’s working!

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