Weekend 5.20


Well, well, well. The big weekend is finally here. By the time this publishes, Mike and I will be at the theater, getting ready for our dance performance.

You guys, I cannot stop giggling. Poor Mike.

“Mike, it’ll be easy,” Laurel said. “And short! VERY short. Probably just…freestyle. Do whatever you want!”

This was months ago, when Laurel first talked him into being in the show. While much of our section is just, ya know, dancing in formation, Laurel wanted some salsa & bachata partnering in the show, too. But we’re always short on leads, so this is where Mike came in. The idea is that he (and some of the other leads) could saunter on, do a few salsa moves aaaand done.

Yeah. No.

Laurel has choreographed the most amazing salsa & bachata partnering routines for this show – we’re both sincerely glad we’ve learned them. But they’re definitely not easy, and, frankly, they’re not really that short, either, so if you’ve ever wondered exactly how motivating fear can be, the hours Mike has spent these last two weeks panic practicing should clear it right up.

Truthfully, I don’t know how we’re going to do tonight. Mike and I can – usually – get through these routines OK, but not quiiite at the speed of the actual music – it’s bananas fast.

But whatever!! Here we are!!


Oh boy.

ps. the photo above is Mike, Laurel herself, Aliya (our Social Media Coordinator here at TME), and me. Linzi has been roped into this whole thing too – it’s been a TME team effort. 🙂 Send good vibes, Gang.

OMG. My p448’s Cancun sneakers are 30% off at Nordstorm. These are the ones I swear feel like orthotics (I wore them recently in that travel capsule article, here).

Ok, now these are perfect. The newest Birkenstock is sexier version of Linzi’s beloved Kyoto slides, but the upper is much softer than the big buckle Madrids (which I find hard to walk in). A perfect blend! I adore the white, but miiiight end up getting the black because…stains.

Need a new sunglass shape? I’m ditching the big bug eyes for a thinner rectangle like these Le Specs (love how much coverage they have on the side, too), or maybe this updated shape with a slightly notched design. Both pairs feel much fresher than my usual.

Happy Birthday, Levi’s! Levi’s is turning 150 this month, so they’re offering up to $75 off depending on how much you spend. I’m debating between the ‘sketch artist’ and ‘drew me in’ washes of this pair of Levi 501 90’s jeans (a slouchier version of regular 501s), and will likely pick up another pair of 501 shorts (I have ‘fault line,’ but the rips got bigger & now shows my underwear, so am going with ‘oxnard athens’ instead).

Best dressed & climate neutral. Ref just re-stocked my favorite silk dress of all time, in shockingly pretty patterns (check out ‘Fabritzia’). I’ve worn this dress to rehearsal dinners, bar/bat mitzvahs, school events, and date nights. It’s always such an easy win – there’s some subtle, strategic ruching across the middle I really appreciate, and Ref is one of the few companies who are certified climate neutral. Highly recommend. (Some of the colors/patterns available in plus sizes, too.)

Denim maxi skirt? If you’ve been trying to get your hands on a long denim skirt (gahhh they’re selling out SO FAST) Ref also just re-stocked theirs. Looks like a good one.

Ahhh so exciting! One of our favorite Black-owned jewelry brands, Gwen Beloti, is now being stocked at…drumroll please…Saks. I couldn’t be more thrilled for her. Gwen’s designs are so good – classic, with a twist – and really well made. While you’ll never go wrong with her paperclip necklace, I reallllly want this cuff.

Doesn’t look like a mom suit but…Nordstrom has started carrying my favorite one-piece swimsuit: Beach Riot’s one-shoulder. The fabric is ribbed and wildly comfortable, and the design looks bare but actually has decent coverage. I love it.

Outfit inspiration of the week is…this lace-back tee & big jeans. While that tee is gorgeous, one could re-create the vibe by wearing a white v-neck tee (or even a cardigan) backwards, and layering it over a lacy bralette. The exact ‘big jeans’ the model is wearing are these, but I’ve also been hearing good things about Madewell’s slouchy boyjean (plus sizes here). I would, of course, likely finish the look off with my p448’s Cancun sneakers (they have a slight platform). I’m basically wearing either big jeans or barrel jeans (these, specifically) with everything these days.

If I worked in an office…I’d start amassing a few good dresses for summer that can be worn both in and out of the office, starting with J.Crew’s zip-front chino dress in ‘utility green’. I’ve always found traditional shirt dresses too casual for office settings, but this one is well-tailored (and reviewers LOVE it). Comes in plus sizes, too.

Plus size pick: This gorgeous top. The gingham makes it great for day, but the girl-next-door sexiness means that it can easily be a date-night top, too. (Also in black.)

Postpartum or perimenopause? Since both groups often appreciate a little ease through the stomach area…this tank top. The best part is that it cinches up on the sides. This means it’ll read almost like a crop top, yet provide coverage for a softer middle section.

The most playful set. ShopBURU (one of my fav small businesses – Morgan is freaking amazing) just unveiled their collab with Bisby, and I’m over-the-moon for this cute set in 100% cotton. My only debate is whether I get the pants with the matching blue tank OR the raspberry tank for a slightly mismatched vibe.

For the guys. Is it just me, or are the patterns on J.Crew’s swim trunks seriously cool? They look shockingly high-end and interesting. J.Crew also has a camp button-down shirt made from t-shirt material that I think Mike would love. All on sale.

Need to tire out a dog? Our trainer, Mike from All Canines, recommended this genius product, especially since we don’t have a backyard for Nieve to run in. It’s tons of fun, and gets the puppy zoomies out.

Yum. We have some extra bananas, so I’m going to slice them up and freeze them in prep for this vegan tahini-chocolate-banana soft serve. I’m definitely adding a pinch of sea salt to this one (and may try my hand at the homemade chocolate shell recipe at the bottom).

So the sales are already starting…Memorial Day sales have already started, so we published an early version of our cheat sheet. Feel free to bookmark because we’ll be updating it as more sales drop. That said…if any of you guys have a second, I’d love some feedback on the format of the cheat sheet. I’m always trying to figure out the most helpful possible way of communicating during these big sales periods, but I’m still not totally happy with our cheat sheet design. Which drives me crazy, ya know? So anyway, if you’re an ideas person, or just have some opinions, I’d love any/all feedback. Leave me a comment here, or go ahead and shoot me an email (shana@themomedit.com). I’d sincerely appreciate it.

Happy weekend!




  1. Shana, I have the 501 90’s in Sketch Artist and they are my favorite jeans. I ordered Drew me in, but I returned them because they are darker in person and I did not like the worn in vertical line on them. See the 4th picture of the model. It was more prominent in person. I also ordered the athens 501 shorts and ended up donating them. I should have sized up. I have owned that wash before and they will just take to long to break in, and honestly, I keep wearing the Agolde shorts you recommended. Also, the distressing on the front is different in person. Maybe you will love them, just wanted to let you know!

    • Shit!! I already put my order in!! But THANK YOU. Leaving this here as a cautionary tale for everyone else. 🙂 xoxo

  2. Hi Shana, does the Beach Riot Celine One Shoulder Suit have pads in the top? It does not say in the description at Nordstrom. I love the suit but definitely need at least some light padding.

    • Oh man – I don’t remember. I usually take all padding out right away (it always bunches up on me). I just inspected my suit pretty closely, and it doesn’t look like there is any sort of secret pocket for padding, so I suspect it never have any. That said, the suit itself is ribbed and double-lined, so it’s thick-ish..but definitely not padded. Hope that helps!

  3. Don’t worry, I bet they will look great in you! I actually have the 30’s and 32’s in sketch artist and they fit different up top and the color is not the same.

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