Weekend 6.10


We’re almost done with school, here in Philly, and we are limping to the finish line. Actually no – that’s not quite right. Limping implies that we’re still in the race, attempting to finish. Instead, we have abandoned all pretense of racing. We have walked off the course and are now sitting on the sidelines, eating ice cream and watching the other racers.

I mean ok: Philadelphia schools turn their grades in a solid week before the end of school, so this last week has been…well, we’ll call it light. I’m 95% convinced that the only kids left at Raines’ high school are the freshman who haven’t yet figured out what’s going on.

In any case, I wandered into Raines’ room this morning, to put something back. He had just recently left to walk the dog and put our names in at our fav cafe, and his room was a total disaster. The covers on his bed were flung back, pillows on the floor, pants falling off the desk where they had obviously been thrown, socks and shoes and underwear all over the floor. The room was filled with empty cans of sparkling water and bags of chips. Somewhere underneath this mess were his electronics – laptops and wires and chargers and headphones and whatnot. But the air smelled strongly of his cologne – he started wearing cologne this year – and I was just so charmed by the thought of him standing right there in that spot, spraying himself with cologne to walk the dog and have breakfast with his family.

Sometimes just the fact of his existence – his own actual self, doing his Raines things – just hits me, like a shot straight to the heart.

God, I love being a mom. Bring on summer.

When you don’t feel like tucking in a top…this tee. So unassuming, but such a statement. More sizes available here.

Three wise girls. I can’t tell if I want this GUCCI lipstick because of the color (‘three wise girls’ looks especially good – like a summer popsicle stain), or because pulling that vintage-inspired lipstick case from my straw bag would make me deliriously happy.

Two words: Arch. Support. I shouldn’t be surprised that these sandals have arch support – Linzi was the first one to introduce me to comfort-shoe-brand Vionic – but Gang…the design looks really fresh and current. Frankly, I was shocked to find they’re Vionics.

Breezy like shorts, but not shorts: This sweatshirt midi skirt from Frank & Eileen. I know, I know, it’s annoyingly expensive. But! I’ve been wearing THE HECK outta this skirt, and it’s SO GOOD. It’s cut up on the sides so it’s fine in the heat, I can run and walk with big strides, or sit cross-legged without my legs being restricted, and it doesn’t ever feel anything but girl-next-door-cool. I cannot recommend this skirt enough (I have the black). Size up, tho. It’s strangely tight at first (but gets more comfortable with wear…without getting baggy).

For an under $100 option…the only skirt I’ve been able to find even remotely like the Frank & Eileen above is this brightly striped Monrow skirt. Similar shape, and on sale for under $100.

Bear with me, I’m going somewhere with this…So. That Jenni Kayne Rhode dress I picked up during Mem Day sales is freaking amazing. Like…the reviewers were right, it completely blew away all of my expectations. There’s something seriously cool about it – the raw silk texture, the sexy top, and the unapologetic midi length (not maxi, mind you, just a long midi). Anyway, it’s great. Highly recommend. That said…there’s something about this Marine Layer skirt and the matching top that are giving me similar vibes. There are big differences – the bright pattern, for one – but there’s something also very understated cool about this set, especially when the top is tucked in. It retails at roughly half the cost of Jenni Kayne’s dress, but could be worn under the same sort of circumstances. It’s also made from an eco-friendly blend of hemp & lyocell (an area Jenni hasn’t yet figured out).

HOLD THE PHONE. The design team at Quince must be big Jenni Kayne fans, because their new linen dress looks verrrryyyy similar to that Rhode dress I just mentioned. Quince’s version is linen, not silk, and doesn’t have *quite* the sophistication of Jenni Kayne (her details are always freaking perfect) but it’s – yup – under $100.

Outfit inspo for the week…is this gingham top + lace shorts from Doen (be sure to click the ‘gingham’ to see the correct outfit). I love the idea of a flowy peasant top worn over short, tailored black shorts. If you want to recreate the look almost exactly, Aqua has a pair of black lace shorty shorts, but I’m hoping that my Athleta shorts will work!! If they’re too sporty, then I’ll try this pair from Alice + Olivia, or this pair from Anthro (under $100 and comes in reg, petite and plus sizes). Lastly, Boden has a similar top under $100.

Plus size pick. This knotted, cut-out dress is a dead-ringer for my beloved Farm Rio that I bought exactly one year ago (here’s a reel).

If I worked in an office…I’d snap up one of these oversized button-downs. Not only are they good with trousers (as shown), but they’re great for pairing with denim trousers on a casual Friday, and can even make those cropped, straight leg work pants feel a little fresh. (And yeah – keep ’em untucked.) Banana Republic has a good oversized button-down in blue/white stripe wildly on sale right now, too.

High School. Just when I thought I was done with graphic tees…Billabong comes out with an oversized, cheesy summer one I couldn’t resist. Just give me some Sun-In & these socks and the nostalgia is complete.

Summer of ’93. Um…the above caused me to do a quick google and YES: I can still buy Sun-In. So if that’s true, than can one also get Sunflowers perfume? Um…yes. Yes I can.

What…is even…this? I think they’re going for dress jeans. If I must come up with a scenario in which these jeans could be worn…I’ll go with bride, in Vegas, at a cowboy bar, for her bachelorette party.

A haunting read. I just finished The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue and I cannot stop thinking about it. It’s gently Sci-Fi (there’s a little nudge to get the story started), but it’s really a book about what it means to matter. And a look at what our lives are worth – if anything – in the end. It started out rather depressing but was so clever and poignant that I couldn’t put it down. I loved it.

I know I’ve mentioned Ursa Major before, but after two months of use, I’m still shocked(!!) by how good it is. My two favorite products are now available in a bundle, and I can’t think of anything better to get me through summer.

For the chopped onion alone. So…I never buy gimmicky kitchen stuff like this. I’ve got good knives, tons of cutting boards (this is my fav – we have 6), but I hate, HATE chopping onions. And dicing them? Ugh. Even worse. I’ve started buying pre-chopped onions in those little plastic containers to speed up cooking, but now I’m wondering if this do-it-all chopper might be the way to go. Could it even replace my mandoline? Hmmm.

Enjoy your weekend, gang.




  1. Shana, I bet you don’t end up using that onion chopper. I have it but I only use it if I’m going to be chopping a bunch of onions or if my kids will be chopping a lot. When you’re used to the easy cleanup of good knife and board, no way will you be able to justify cleaning all those nooks and crannies for one or two onions.

    And I too looked for a dupe of that Frank and Eileen skirt (because I’m currently traveling in England for two weeks) but just couldn’t justify the price. You’d think it would be easier to find because it’s such an easy design detail. Instead, I chose to travel with mostly silk, because it’s so light, doesn’t take up much space, and is easy to wash in a hotel room sink. I have been shocked to find that silk with a bit of spandex hardly wrinkles! I haven’t had to iron any of it! I need to add a few pieces to my collection. Do you know of any stretch silk shorts that don’t read “pajama shorts”? Maybe black, tailored, silk shirts?

    • Oof. That’s what I was afraid of – and I always forget to think about the CLEANING part. It’s the worst.

      I agree about the F&E skirt – why hasn’t anyone done something similar? The vast majority of comfy, stretch midi skirts I’ve tried have zero slits, so I can barely walk fast in them. Annoying. If I find anything, will let you know.

      But the silk!! Quince has a ton of stretch silk – good to know about the silk/spandex blend because I keep avoiding it for 100% silk so I could keep washing it. Nice to know that the blend holds up and performs.
      Quince washable silk line: https://shopstyle.it/l/bXpry
      They only have PJ shorts (that definitely look like PJ shorts) but they do have a silk mini skirt that might be an option: https://shopstyle.it/l/bXps8
      I also have their silk midi skirt and it’s great: https://shopstyle.it/l/bXptb

      Otherwise…100% silk shorts that AREN’T pjs are reallllly hard to find. KULE has something striped that is cute: https://shopstyle.it/l/bXpsT

      Actually, some place called – I kid you not – “Mommesilk” has exactly what you described – tailored, silk shorts: https://www.mommesilk.com/products/weekend-oversize-silk-shorts?

      And so does Lilysilk (this place I’ve actually ordered from before – Pax’s silk PJs he got for Christmas, haha): https://rstyle.me/+oerAJMX_oUvh3MzeAqU-SQ

  2. So…I have to order the Sunflowers perfume just for nostalgia, right?! I mean…I feel like it’s something that needs to be done. Thank you for doing this research! Also, why don’t I hate those Vegas bride cowboy jeans as much as I should?

  3. Thanks for all the recommendations, Shana! The Mommesilk are definitely the tailored style I’m looking for, but I really want that bit if stretch for comfort too, so I may hold off until I can find that combo. I suspect it’s the small percent of spandex that helps it to not wrinkle as much as 100% silk. I spent today walking around the HEAT of London in Cami NYC jogger style silk capri pants and an Express button up silk shirt knotted my waist. While I don’t think anything would have been cool enough for the heat of a concrete non air conditioned city (even the half dressed teenage girls were sweating) the silk sure did cool down and dry off much much faster than cotton or linen (once we found a restaurant with air conditioning!). 😊

  4. Shana, how do you feel about the denim version of the F&E skirt?? the 1977 wash? I would love to know how you’re styling your black one and how versatile you think the denim one would be! (maybe worth a whole post 🙂

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