Weekend 3.26


It’s our kids’ last weekend on their ski team (they get so annoyed when I call it that. Technically, GMA is a competitive freestyle ski and snowboard club, aka “it’s not a race, MOM“) and the end of ski season always bums me out. The slopes are either icy or slushy, the base is basically covered in mud, and the restaurants stop restocking food.

I hate it.

It’s like when you start giving your kid the 10 minute warning, “Honey? We’re leaving in ten minutes…” in the hope of making a graceful exit? But then there’s always that one kid (hi, Pax) who reacts with rage to even your gentle warning?

Well…in this regard, that kid is me. “They’re OUT of ARUGULA??? I KNEW IT!” [sounds of sobbing]

I’m just kidding. They’re not out of arugula…


Anyway, our season just got extended because Pax, that little stinker, qualified for USASA’s Nationals at Copper. He’ll be competing in three snowboarding events: Bordercross, Slalom and Giant Slalom.

Allow me to just point out that all three of those competitive events are, in fact, races.

So yeah…this weekend post will be quick. I’m in full-on travel prep mode because there’s only one other person in this household I trust to pack for themselves…and that’s Pax.

I thought it was designer. This BLANKNYC Linen & Cotton Utility Jacket looks much more expensive than it is.

Pretty & Wearable. These UGG sandals caught my eye and…I think…I think I want the rainbow?? (Technically called “Mandarin/Sky Suede”).

Lady Whistledown approved. Season 2 of Bridgerton has dropped, and the occasion calls, perhaps, for a new frock. Off to the modiste! I like this little confection of a dress or this shockingly affordable one. Both have fun, Bridgerton vibes.

My beach coverup. I recently attended a ’90s party, and most of us ended up in these overalls. They’re soooooo good on! I had forgotten how cute! I’m definitely busting them out again this summer.

As promised. My full review of rag & bone’s soft, printed jeans is up on our YouTube channel.

Gahhhh these rainboots. Everything about Montelliana’s Lucy rainboots is freaking perfect, down to the pop of red on the tie.

Stance sock sale!! Backcountry is doing it’s yearly sock sale, and there’s a really good selection of Stance socks! Stance is the brand I buy for my boys. They make the coolest/craziest patterns, and last forever.

I’m done. The only booties I’m into these days are tan. They seriously make every outfit better. I want a slightly pointed toe, a sexy (yet low, walkable) heel, and (preferably) a light shade of tan in actual leather (not suede). These are perfect (and expensive). Also seriously considering this rag & bone boot, an almost sold out pair from Loeffler Randall, or this pair under $200.

Support a small biz! Social Threads, an online boutique run by two Jersey moms, is offering 20% off all weekend with code FF20. I have my eye on this entire outfit. (Link to the pants here, and bag here.)

I just pre-ordered Luvvie Ajayi Jones’ latest book: Rising Troublemaker: A Fear Fighting Manual For Teens. I’m a HUGE fan of Luvvie, and this book sounds right up our alley. The write-up states that she uses her trademark blend of “honesty and humor to inspire teens to be their bravest, boldest, truest selves, in order to create a world they would be proud to live in.” YES.

Wanna hop on a zoom call with me? I feel a little silly, promoting, uh, a Zoom call with mahself…but the team has assured me that some of you will care. Haha. ANYWAY, we’re doing this thing where we’re holding a few semi-private Zoom calls (5-6 of us total), where we talk about fashion, life, whatever. It’s a little thank you to our newsletter subscribers, because they help us maintain our independence from the big social media giants (FB, IG, etc.,). While we do use those platforms, I sure as heck don’t want to be beholden to them, ya know? So if you’d like to be eligible for this *raffle* (clearly, I am from the midwest), then be sure to sign up for our newsletter. If you’re already signed up, THANK YOU, and you’re already entered.

Happy weekend, Gang.