Weekend 5.21


I’ve been wearing the same sunglasses for years – either Le Specs Weekend Riots or an old pair of brown, tortoiseshell frames by Elizabeth & James. The latter fits my face perfectly and is the exact shade of brown that flatters my complexion. The only problem is that they’re 5+ years old, and scratched. I may not care – I actually need prescription sunglasses, so a few scratches aren’t going to be a deal breaker when I can barely see halfway down the block – but I was feeling like maybe I need (deserve?) fancy sunglasses.

Like Tom Ford fancy.

So I ordered a couple of pairs, found one I liked (this one, if you care), and was gazing at myself in the mirror. From, obviously, a relatively close-up distance. So I’m peering at myself, turning my head this way and that, when Raines walks up behind me.   

“Whoa, Mom,” he says, calmly, not missing a beat.  “Remember, ‘The Incredibles’? You look just like Edna.”


Teenagers are savage

And the glasses went back.

Frankly…It might be time for either Lasik or actual prescription sunglasses. While I love my Warby Parker prescription sunnies, they’re not comfortable for all-day wear. I’ll wear them to watch my kids skiing or surfing, but I almost always change out of them. Conversely, Mike’s glasses (which cost an absolute fortune and are from a reputable optometrist), are comfortable enough to wear all day, everyday, and I think….sigh. I think I’m there.  

Turns out I do need fancy sunglasses, but not Tom Ford fancy. 

Optometrist fancy.

I’ve been resisting this next step because I hate wearing glasses – and I’m completely incapable of putting in contact lenses. Progressives (bifocals?) don’t work for me either, no matter how long I’ve tried to get used to them. I now find myself in a situation where I have one pair of glasses for driving/watching TV, one pair for working on the computer, one pair of prescription sunglasses that are not that comfortable, and none of them work if I need to read. Packing for trips is getting annoying. 


And – oh geez – in the back of my mind, a memory of my mother, dining out with my teenage self, surfaces. As I recall, I was making fun of her for carrying a HUGE bag at night instead of a chic little clutch. I remember Mom pulling off her prescription sunglasses when we walked into the restaurant, and storing them in that giant purse. “Shana,” she said, pulling out prescription reading glasses to peer at the menu, “feel free to find me a chic clutch that can hold all of the things I need.” Annoyed, I grab her bag and start rifling through. The woman had, like, four pairs of glasses – in cases – in that purse.  I hold another one up, incredulous.  “Oh, good,” Mom says.  “I was worried I forgot that pair!” and calmly plucks the glasses out of my hand, swapping them with the reading glasses on her face. She settles back in her chair, comfortable, now that she can properly see. “You were saying?” she says.

Karma, man. Like teenagers, it’s…savage.

That dress is back. Last summer, I bought a linen mini dress from Reformation (see it here) that everyone loved…but it had a complicated bra situation (and by “complicated” I mean, uh, nonexistent). ANYWAY, Ref finally released the new version of my linen mini dress in a bunch of colors (black included) and they tweaked the design so it’s strapless bra-friendly. 

Speaking of strapless bras…after many, many years, my True & Co strapless bra needs to be replaced, but it looks like it’s been…discontinued? Boo. But Wacol’s Red Carpet Strapless Bra is another easy win (and has almost 1.6K 5-star reviews).

Which white swimsuit? I’ve decided that I want a white one-piece this summer. Something that’s a cross between devastatingly chic and sporty. I’m obsessing over Andie Swim’s ribbed white fabric ( apparently it’s NOT see-through), and am trying to decide between The Almalfi, The Tulum, and The Paloma.  

The new flip-flops. I finally saw someone wearing the TikTok pillow slides IRL and they’re great. Chic, even.

No promises once wet. One of the TME Insiders (on Facebook) posted a photo of herself wearing this $45 Swimsuit Romper from Target.  It’s shockingly good – at least as a romper. I can easily picture it with flat sandals and straw bag, but am curious how it’ll actually perform as a swimsuit.  

Best backpacks for overseas travel? I have very strong opinions. They must have enough space for my electronics, all of those glasses, AND another pair of shoes in case of lost luggage (lesson learned: clothes are easy to replace, but finding comfortable, already-broken-in shoes is virtually impossible). Also, the fabric of the backpack straps must be comfortable enough for bare skin (tank tops happen), and the bag itself should be fairly indestructible and have a luggage strap. My old TUMI (long sold out) is still my absolute favorite, but this drawstring backpack, also from TUMI, checks allllll the boxes (oh – on sale at Zappos), as does this Caraa Stratus Backpack (that color is great for summer, too).

Workout tank tops that look like real tank tops. I’m working on a Vuori try-on article, but I’ve gotta give you guys a head’s up: their tank top game is strong. The Sunrise Crop Tank and Mudra Plyo Tank are so flattering and comfortable that I just put in an order for additional colors. And they’re not nearly as cropped as they look online. I sized up one size (m) for a little extra length (the models, BTW, are 5’10”). The ribbed fabric is pretty amazing – durable, but definitely looks like a regular top, not a workout top.

The Sales. Memorial Day sales have started already, and before I get sucked in, I always remind myself to make a list. And base it, very heavily, on what I know I’ll actually wear and use. High on my list? Supergoop! sunscreen (eye cream, glowscreen, and this spray sunscreen), my favorite hiking socks, and this impossibly light Cotopaxi windbreaker, perfect for summer evenings on the water. I have it in ‘Sailor’s Sun’ and it looks just as cute with jeans (see it on me, here) as it does with other sporty pieces. 

J.Crew’s on sale, too. I picked up this beach bag (in tan), this square-neck, puffed sleeve top (with Reformation vibes), and this dreamy cotton gauze set (shorts, shirt). 

Ideas for styling long denim shorts. I followed up my long, denim shorts try-on article with a YouTube video on four outfit ideas for long, denim shorts.

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“What do we owe the deceased in Buffalo?” Esau McCaulley’s recent piece in The Atlantic, The Buffalo Shooting Wasn’t An Isolated Incident, is a really good read. “A question remains for those who still reside in this republic: What do we owe the deceased in Buffalo and all those who preceded them? It cannot be anything less than pursuing the truth and unveiling all the interconnected evils that led to their tragic end.” Additionally, there’s a GoFundMe set up for the families affected, or go and look through the comments of this @chkyourprivilege IG post. She’s asking any Black Americans who are now afraid to go into a grocery store and have, as a result, started ordering groceries online to drop their Venmo in the comments. Feel free to Venmo to help ease that financial burden.

Hope this weekend you are surrounded by love.




  1. Re: Progressives… An Ophthalmologist once told me, “When you need them badly enough, you’ll get used to them.” After 4 years of exchanging 4 different pairs of Progressive lens glasses for single vision glasses (ask about the timeline to switch for free), I tried Progressives again but asked for the best quality lenses and adjusted fairly quickly. I don’t enjoy wearing glasses ALL THE TIME, but I do enjoy seeing well and not fumbling for different glasses. Also got Progressive sunglasses (many designer choices) and they are great.

  2. Caddis makes some seriously cool progressive reader sunglasses. They are more comfortable than my
    Le Specs and I can read at the pool while (kind of) keeping an eye on the kids in the distance.

  3. I always love your weekend articles. Thank you!
    Also, get the Tulum swimsuit. The thick crossed back straps look so good! I wanted a little more from the Amalfi and I have a suit from Athleta that ties like the Paloma. The straps get twisty and bug me sometimes. But get what speaks to you! 🙂

  4. I’m with you on the glasses situation. I have had some great prescription sunglasses (now in the progressive stage as well), current fave is Maui Jim. last pair was Ferragamo, also super comfy and long lasting. Good luck!

  5. Came here to say the same thing! You’ve got to try progressives (and high power astigmatism correction, if it’s your first time with that as with some of my friends) for 24/7 for 1-2 weeks, before writing them off. But you really have to wear them as soon as you get out of the shower and not take them off until you go to bed, and grit your teeth through headaches. Eventually your brain will give in.

    Btw, you can have the optometrist put prescription lenses into any frame, like your old Elizabeth & James pair! Just be prepared that depending on your prescription, the lenses may be noticeably heavier than non-prescription sunglasses, which makes the glasses a bit front-heavy.

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