Weekend 10.2


Good morning! By the time everyone reads these words…our sweet Gwen will be married. We are over-the-moon excited for our girl and, in truth, I can barely concentrate on anything else. She’s getting married at the shore, which means I have to get packing. Like…now. Luckily, my mom and sister are both here for the wedding, so the chance of me getting my shit together just went up exponentially (thanks, Mom).

I’ll try to throw something up on our IG this weekend but…no promises. I’m actually terrible at doing social media in real time.

Anyway, it’s moments like these — watching Gwen marry a truly great guy, a guy who definitely gets her (he even appreciates how dry and funny she is) — that bring me so much joy and hope. And to be able to be there with her, surrounded by family and friends, is such a gift.

We did threaten Pax, tho. “I know you are Gwen’s special boy,” I started, as Raines fell off his chair laughing, “but this day is about GWEN, Pax. Not you.”

“OMG MOM,” he said. “Who do you think I am? BUSTER?!!?”

Fair point.

But I may need to rethink those matching wedding outfits.

Distressing DIY. I keep getting questions about my old, super-ripped up Levi’s (see ’em here). They’re long gone, but I also have this similar pair. I might be confusing people, however, because I added a thigh rip to my new pair with scissors. You can see the results in this article, here. Just use scissors to cut almost all the way across, leaving a good 2-3 inches on each side, then rip the last inch or so. It’ll get better with wear.

Not quite flares. The denim I’m really into right now? These ’70s, high-rise, wide leg jeans by Re/Done. They’re exactly the vibe I want. In that same vein, I’m also eyeing up these bootcut GRLFND jeans (especially since they come in petite sizes, too). High-rise AND bootcut? Nothing could make legs look longer.

It’s faux, BTW. This oversized “shearling” coat is cuuuute.

Speaking of oversized…that Treasure & Bond oversized sweater of mine is back in stock (more colors here). See the pink on me here, and the black, first featured here (scroll down). It does contain some polyester, tho, so I would steer clear of the lighter colors — they don’t wear as well long-term. The black, however, is still pretty great.

Uglycute? Linzi and I are both eyeing up ugly shoes, specifically those old Birkenstock mules of yesteryear. Or maybe this pair, in full-on teddybear. IDK. Of course, there’s always these adorable (but possibly impractical) shearling Birks that I actually like BEST, so. Warning: they keep selling out. Do with that what you will.

Rawr. Continuing in this wildly unhelpful vein…let’s talk pretty dresses. I’m wearing this one to the rehearsal dinner tomorrow. It’s gorgeous on, and Ref makes a realllly good leopard print.

For the guys. I haven’t shopped at Express for men in forever, but Scotti’s husband walked in wearing this flannel shirt, and it’s made from a thicker t-shirt material, reminding me of Mike’s fav Faherty knit button-down (but at a fraction of the cost).

Worth the cost? I bought three pairs of Brother Vellies shoes, just to investigate (see how the sizing runs, if they’re comfortable, etc). This pair is shockingly good on (pic don’t do them justice), and this pair is juuuust as fabulous as they look in the photo. SIGH. Unlike the Louboutins I’ve tried, Brother Vellies shoes are actually comfortable, too.

Ok. THIS. This exact outfit from Vuori is basically all I want to wear right now. Everyday.

Thank you!!!!!!!! Gang, we hit our goal of raising $2500 for Period.org in a matter of days. Which means…we get to send Lynette from No More Secrets a nice, big check as well. I cannot thank you enough for your generosity.

Ok! I’m off to pack for a…wedding. Oh, my heart. What a huge adventure they’re starting.




  1. Ah!!! Congratulations, Gwen! I can’t wait to see how fabulous everything was! What a happy time for you! PS…I got married in Cape May 19 years ago on September 7th. Shore weddings make good marriages!

  2. Buster? As in Buster Bluth? If so, and you’re a Tony Hale fan, I am sure you’re aware of how fab The Mysterious Benedict Society is (for kids and adults and fashion lovers), if not, check it out ASAP! Hope Gwen’s day was perfect!!

    • YUP. You got it. 🙂

      And too funny – Mysterious Benedict is actually WHY we started watching Arrested Development with the kids!! We read the books first, and then when we started watching the series Mike and I were like…BUSTER??? Is that YOU???? So we had to show the kids the real Buster.

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